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The cabin crew selection process is tough to pass. Coupled with the fact that there are many applicants per job it is essential that you are fully prepared for each element of the selection and interview process. This webpage will provide you with details and tips on how to prepare effectively for the entire cabin crew selection process and also how you can enrol on to our Cabin Crew course.

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To begin with we need to take a look at the role of cabin crew:


Probably the main element of the cabin crew role is to provide passengers with outstanding customer service. We have all been on flights before and most of us would readily admit that the service we received from the cabin crew staff was excellent.

They exude confidence, are always smiling and will do anything within their capabilities to help you and make your flight an enjoyable one. The major airlines place plenty of emphasis on excellent customer service. They do this simply because they airline/passenger industry is extremely fierce and they have to compete in order to win the business from travellers. If a passenger experiences excellent customer service then they are far more likely to return to the airline in the future.

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In addition to providing excellent customer service, cabin crew are also trained to deal with emergencies. They are essentially there to protect you and, as far as within their means, ensure you are safe during the flight. Airlines take safety very seriously and as a cabin crew member you will undergo extensive training once you pass the selection process.

As we all know, at the beginning of a flight the cabin crew staff will go through their pre-flight checks, ascertaining that all equipment is stowed away and safe. They will also go through the pre-flight safety routine and provide practical demonstrations of what to do in the event of an emergency.

Cabin crew will also serve you during the flight, deal with any complaints that you might have and also offer to sell you duty free goods. As a member of cabin crew with an airline you will normally have the option of working long or short haul flights.

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Typical work activities of cabin crew
The tasks that you will be required to carry out as cabin crew do vary depending on whether you decide to go short haul or long haul. However, to give you a better understanding of the type of work you will have to carry out we have provided you with the following generic list:

- Be in attendance at all pre-flight briefings and safety presentations. It is normally at this time that you will be allocated your working routine and flights and you will also be provided with details of any passengers who have special requirements (dietary or otherwise).

- Conducting you pre-flight duties which may include checking to see if the aircraft is clean and tidy, assessing and checking of all safety equipment and ensuring that you have sufficient food and refreshments for your flight.

- Once you are satisfied it will be your responsibility to welcome on board your passengers, direct them to their allocated seats and carry out a head count to ensure that everyone is on board.

- You will then go through pre-flight safety routines with your passengers ensuring that they are fully secure in their seats, seat belts fastened and that all baggae is safely stored away.

- During flight you will serve meals depending on the length of the flight, serve refreshments, offer duty free goods and also respond to numerous questions and complaints that the passengers may have.

The role of cabin crew can be very rewarding; however, it is important to make you aware at this early stage that the role can be sometimes pressurised, demanding and very hard work. Before you commit to this role you need to consider whether or not you have the right qualities.

Watch the following video to learn more about passing the cabin crew selection process:


The qualities of cabin crew are many and varied. However, during the selection process you need to demonstrate the following key skills, experiences and qualities:

- An ability to remain calm under pressure.

Cabin crew will be presented with numerous situations where a level head and a calm disposition are important. Whether it is dealing with an irate passenger, or responding to an emergency situation, this is one of the key competencies that will be assessed during the application form stage, the assessments and also at interview.

- Being able to deliver excellent customer service.

As we have already stated, being able to provide outstanding customer service is an essential part of the role. Once again you will be assessed against this core competency during the cabin crew selection process.

- Team working skills and working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions etc.

As cabin crew you will come in to contact with people many different people. This is one of the most exciting parts of the role. No two days will be the same as you will be required to work with different teams during each and every flight. You must be capable of working with anyone regardless of their sex, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, background and culture etc.

Cabin Crew Course

- An ability to communicate effectively.

What are your communication skills like? Are you good at communicated and can you also listen to people’s concerns, complaints and questions? You will be assessed against this key quality during the assessment centre and also at interview.

- Able to learn and absorb large amounts of job related information.

When you become cabin crew you will commence a comprehensive training course. During this course you will be required to pass a number of exams and assessments. In addition to this you will also undergo continuation training in the role. You will need to be able to follow rules, regulations and safety procedures.

- Flexible.

Are you a flexible person? If the airline required you to work at a moment’s notice due to another member calling in sick, could you be available? Flexibility is an essential element of the cabin crew role.

Of course, there are many other qualities that form part of the cabin crew role and you will be assessed against these during the selection process. The first element in your preparation is to think carefully about the role of cabin crew and how you can match each and every one of the assessable qualities.


Cabin Crew Training Course

If you want to become cabin crew then you will need to score high during the assessment day and the interviews. We have created an online cabin crew course which provides instant access to prospective candidates wishing to become cabin crew with any of the UK or international airlines.

The online cabin crew training course covers every element of the selection process from how to complete the application form, how to prepare for the cabin crew assessment day and also how to pass the cabin crew interviews.

Once you gain access to the course you will be able to watch the video online and in the comfort of your own home. There are no qualifications required to enrol on the course. Once you have watched the video tutorial, which covers every element of the cabin crew selection process, you can then download a series of supporting documents which will further enhance your training and development. Finally, you will also have access to the cabin crew tests suite where you can assess your ability at working with numbers (something crucial to cabin crew selection).


During the online cabin crew course you will learn how to pass the selection process including:

- An introduction to the role of cabin crew and the qualities you must demonstrate if you are to pass the assessments and interview that is provided during a 40 minute video presentation by a cabin crew recruitment expert.

Cabin Crew Training

- Tips and advice on how to complete the application form including sample questions and answers that have been successful in the past.

- Guidance on how to implement keywords and phrases into your cabin crew application form to ensure it passes.

- Advice on preparing for the cabin crew assessment day including sample test questions, group exercises and general knowledge quiz.

- Access to unlimited numerical reasoning tests online that will help you prepare for the cabin crew assessments.

- Guidance on what to include in your initial assessment day introduction and how to impress the assessors.

- In-depth information on what the cabin crew interview involves.

- Sample cabin crew interview questions and answers including what the interview panel will ask you and how you need to respond to the questions.


In order to view the cabin crew training course, all you require is an internet connection, Windows Media Player or QuickTime. The vast majority of computers will already have either Windows Media Player installed. However, if you do not have it installed, you can download it for free. Details of how to do this will be sent to you as soon as you have purchased your course.

You do not need any prior experience or qualifications to access the course. You will be able to view the course 365 days a year and you can come back to it as many times as you wish.


Richard McMunn - Cabin Crew tutor

This online training course has been provided specifically for those people who want to become cabin crew in either UK or abroad. The contents of the course will teach you how to pass the entire cabin crew selection process including the application form, assessment day and the interviews. In addition to providing online training video coaching you will also receive access to our online cabin crew tests suite.

We have coached hundreds of people to successfully pass the assessment process and now we would like to help you do the same. 

Richard McMunn – Online Cabin Crew Training Course tutor





Cabin Crew Training Course

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