By Susanna Windsor

How to become a Holiday Rep - An insider's guide!

The job of a holiday rep is both exciting and rewarding. If you want to become a holiday rep you will be required to pass a tough selection process. This 100 page guide has been created in conjunction with current Thomson Holidays reps to bring you the very best in recruitment information.

Before we tell you more about our guide and how it will help you to become a holiday rep, let’s take a look at what the selection process involves.


The holiday rep selection process is a difficult one to pass. Some candidates will find it harder than others, but the main thing to remember is that preparation and determination are key to your success. Throughout the process you need to have a positive attitude and be confident in your own abilities. Of course, it is quite normal to feel apprehensive and nervous about the whole thing, but believing in yourself is essential. The recruitment staff want to see a person who is confident (but not overconfident), reliable, committed and capable of dealing with difficult situations under pressure.

Being a Holiday Rep can be a rewarding career

The selection process has been designed to pick the best people for the job. The panel wants to choose the right people for their tour operator and their customers, which is why we have already told you to learn as much as possible about the one you want to join.

Most of the tour operators have a 3 stage selection process which is detailed as follows.


• Initial paper-sift
• The application form


• Presentation
• Team assessments
• Tests


• Formal Interview

NOTE: Stages 2 and 3 will normally occur on the same day, stage 2 in the morning and, if you are successful, stage 3 in the afternoon.

A typical assessment day would be as follows:

At the beginning of the day you will be told about the history of the tour operator and what services they offer. Listen carefully to this as what they tell you may come up as test questions later on in the day.

You will then be broken into groups depending on the amount of people that have attended. You will then be asked to deliver your two-minute presentation. You then have a problem solving group exercise and it’s important at this point to listen to others, but also make sure your views are heard.
You will then have a basic maths test, including percentages and currency converting and also a brochure test.

Some tour operators have an English test where you will be required to pick up and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Finally, there is a role-play where you will have to act as Rep in a difficult situation. There will normally then be a break and when you come back, you will either be offered a one-to-one interview, or your day will finish there.

Holiday rep welcoming talk

Each tour operator’s selection process will vary slightly and it is important that you check the process first before planning your own preparation. However, most of them are the same in the fact that you must pass each stage before progressing on to the next one. This means that it is vital you give 100% preparation and commitment to each stage. At each stage you must show the recruitment team that you have the necessary qualities and attributes they are looking for.

Apart from this, you will be required to demonstrate that you are capable of providing a level of customer service that matches their own standards and show that you are dependable and will be able to work effectively in a team environment. Obviously, this is quite a tall order for anyone regardless of their abilities, but if you plan each stage separately and break down each section into manageable portions, you will find it easier to handle.

The following guide has been designed to give you the edge over the other applicants when applying to become a Holiday Rep!


How to become a Holiday Rep - An insider's guide!

The contents of this guide have been created by Susannah Windsor, a holiday rep with over 7 years’ experience within the industry. Here’s what the guide includes:

- What the role of a holiday rep involves and the things you need to consider before applying.

- A list and description of the many different types of rep roles and which one will be most suited to you.

- A list of the main tour operators and how to apply to become a holiday rep.

- How to complete the application form and sample in-depth answers to all of the questions.

- A full explanation of the selection process and how to beat the competition.

Holiday rep working for Thomson

- Tips and strategies for passing the holiday rep assessment process.

- What the team assessments involve, what is expected of you and also how to pass them with very high grades.

- Delivering your initial presentation to the group for success.

- The team exercises and four samples to help you prepare fully.

- An in-depth section on how to pass the interview including sample holiday rep questions, all with sample responses and key tips for passing.

The insider’s guide by Susannah Windsor

How to become a Holiday Rep - An insider's guide!







How to become a Holiday Rep - An insider's guide!

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