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Ensure You Don’t Lose Your Job At The Christmas Party


How To Ensure You Don’t Lose Your Job At The Christmas Party Everyone at one time or another in their life worries about their job position in the work environment. Few people have the luxury of knowing they are indispensable. This is especially troubling as the end of the year rolls around and parties are an almost weekly event. You don’t want your “party animal” side to cost you your future with the company. How to Enjoy Yourself While Still …

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How to Attract Clients As A Virtual Assistant


How to Attract Clients As A Virtual Assistant When you set up in business by yourself, naturally you want to attract clients, someone to pay you to do what you are good at. However, before we get too carried away here, it is important to think about the clients you want to attract to make sure you only attract those clients and not clients who make you wish you’d never started up in business in the first place. So to …

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How To Help Your Child Prepare for Their GCSE Exams

GCSE exam paper

How Best to Help Your Child Prepare for Their GCSE Exams As a caring parent you want to be able to help your child do the best they can in everything they take on. Sitting for exams is a normal part of growing up and with the correct guidance you will be able to provide your child with the kind of support he or she would need to excel. How to Be There for Your Child without Being Pushy It …

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Training And Physical Preparation For Climbing Mount Everest


Training And Physical Preparation For Climbing Mount Everest Unsurprisingly, there are many areas of physical preparation that you will need to work on when preparing to climb Mount Everest. In this article we will consider each of them in turn. Climbing experience If you’ve never done any mountain climbing before it would be wise to allow at least 18 months (and preferably longer) to build up sufficient climbing experience before you tackle this huge peak. Gaining the skills, strength and confidence to …

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Advice For Parents Going Through The Family Court Process


Advice For Parents Going Through The Family Court Process Going to the family court due to disagreements between yourself and the other parent of your child is daunting and highly stressful. In this article, Michael Watson will provide some useful tips and advice for parents who are going through the Family Court process. Essentially, what it means is that the relationship you had with the mother or father of your child, has broken down to the point that one or …

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How To Dial 999 In An Emergency


HOW TO DIAL 999 IN AN EMERGENCY Every year, literally thousands of 999 calls are made to the emergency services. However, the vast majority of callers do not understand the process for dialling 999 and the type of information required by the 999 emergency call handler. In this article we will teach you how to dial 999 and give you an idea of the system behind the entire process. In very basic terms the telephone number 999 is a lifeline …

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Cabin Crew Safety And Emergency Procedures


Cabin crew safety and emergency procedures Most people’s perception of the cabin crew role is that they are there to serve coffee and refreshments to the passengers. Whilst there is some truth in this, the main part of their role is for safety. In fact, it is a legal requirement for the aircraft to be carrying a specific number of cabin crew on board at any one time. As a member of the cabin crew team for your selected airline …

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How To Improve Your Memory For Exams

Sample Memory Test

How To Improve Memory For Exams In this video, recruitment expert Richard McMunn will provide you with some useful tips and strategies for improving your memory. TIPS FOR IMPROVING YOUR MEMORY  Many of us have to sit tests or assessments during our career and the following strategies will go a long way to helping you improve your memory and improve your scores. Think about the time of day you are better at absorbing information. Many of us are far more …

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London Taxi Knowledge Blue Book Runs

Blue Book Run

London Taxi Knowledge Blue Book Runs As part of the London Taxi Driver knowledge test you will be required to learn the Blue Book runs. These are issued by the Public Carriage Office and in total there are 320 to learn. The routes are simply a list of journeys and the following three are example runs: • Manor House Station, N4 to Gibson Square, N1 • Thornhill Square, N1 to Queen Square, WC1 • Chancery Lane Station, WC1 to Rolls …

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Training To Become A Helicopter Pilot

Training to become a Helicopter Pilot

TRAINING TO BECOME A HELICOPTER PILOT If you want to become a helicopter pilot then the road ahead can be a long one. However, if you approach the training in a motivated and patient manner then it is possible to obtain your helicopter licence within a relatively short time-frame. Many companies and external organisations are now offering ‘trial’ flight packages where you will have the opportunity to take the controls of a helicopter. Because learning to fly a helicopter can …

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How To Write A CV

How to write a CV

HOW TO WRITE A CV During this article I am going to provide you with some fantastic tips on how to write a CV. Many job-seekers believe they have to write 4-5 pages of content for their CV to be effective; this simply is not true. Before you sit down to write your CV I recommend that you take a few moments to think about what a potentail amployer would want from a CV after they have adevrtiied a post. …

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Top 10 Tips for a completing a successful Application Form

Top 10 Tips for a completing a successful Application Form #1 Leave NO Blanks in your Application The number one tip that we can give you is to be sure that you don’t leave anything blank on the application form. This is not only going to prolong the application process, but may make the people reviewing the information sceptical of you. There are some employers who will dismiss your application immediately if it is not fully completed. You will be …

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