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Learn how to pass any medical interview with our brand new 100 page Medical Interview Questions and Answers workbook!

During the medical interview you will be required to answer situational questions that require an ability to provide evidence of where you match the qualities that are being assessed. In your preparation for the medical interview you should start off by researching the qualities and attributes that are required to carry out the role. To help you get started, here are the key attributes that form part of the job description for a nurse in the NHS:

Example Nurse Job Description NHS

• Experience of working as a leader across more than one clinical discipline with experience of working with multi-agencies.

• Ability to communicate effectively and provide feedback to individuals whose performance is poor or inadequate.

A nurse at work in the UK

• Ability to understand and analyse complex issues, balancing competing priorities, drawing on the breadth of information available to you from your training and experiences in the NHS.

• Ability to probe and challenge constructively, having the confidence to question information and explanations supplied by others, who may be experts in their field.

• Ability to influence and persuade others by articulating a balanced, not personal, view and to engage in constructive debate without being adversarial or losing respect or goodwill.

• Ability to take an objective view, seeing issues from all perspectives, especially external and user perspectives.

• Ability to think clearly and concisely and come up with solutions to problems, as and when they arise.

• Ability to work as an effective  team member and prioritise tasks.

• Ability to give a generic view from the perspective of a registered nurse, whilst putting aside specific issues relating to their own clinical practice or their employing organisations circumstances.

• Ability to bring detailed insights from nursing and perspectives into discussions regarding service re-design, clinical pathways and system reform.

The next step when preparing for the interview is to provide evidence of where you meet each of the above criteria. The most effective way to achieve this is to utilise the STAR method for responding to medical interview questions.

Structuring your responses to situational questions

S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Result

Here is a brief summary of each of the above areas:

Situation – start off by providing the panel with a brief explanation of the situation.
Who was involved and what was the problem or situation?

Task - then go on to explain what had to be done. What was the task?

Action - now explain what action you took, and what action others took in order to
achieve the task.

Result - finally explain what the result was from your actions. Try to make out that
the end result was positive as a result of your input and influence.

NHS nurse

Now take a look at the sample response to a question which is based around the second element of the NHS nurse job description above.

Q18. Describe a situation where you had to give negative feedback to someone.

“I was working on a ward approximately 3 months ago and I was supervising a
new team. Some members of the team were relatively new in post so I made sure
I provided a solid and in-depth brief at the commencement of the shift.As the shift progressed I noticed one of the nurses talking to a patient in an unacceptable manner. The patient was struggling to get out of bed and the nurse, instead of being patient and assisting carefully, was being too forceful in her instructions.

Once the nurse had finished assisting the patient I called her to one side and
asked whether she thought she could have handled the situation in a better
manner. Unfortunately she did not pick up on the fact that she had been rude to the 

patient, so I explained what I had witnessed and I explained how her actions were
unacceptable. I explained our patient charter and the standard of care that our
patients rightly deserve, and also what I would expect as a doctor.Once I had explained in detail what was expected, she agreed that she could have handled the situation better. I then arranged for some further training for her in patient care and since then she has been a better nurse, and a better member of our team as a result of this experience.

My aim throughout this situation was to try and improve the standard of care that
our patients receive and I believe I achieved that in a constructive manner.”

You will notice that the above response provides EVIDENCE of where the candidate achieves the element of the person specification or attribute being assessed. If you follow this method when preparing for all of the medical interview questions then your chances of success will greatly increase.

The following workbook is packed full of tips and advice on how to pass this important stage of the medical profession selection process.


MEDICAL Interview Questions and Answers Workbook










The contents of this workbook include:

- 100 pages of insider advice on how to pass this stage of the selection process.

- Advice on how to predict the questions you will be asked at your interview.

- Over 50 sample medical interview questions to assist you during your preparation.

NHS Doctors and Nurses

- Expert advice from industry professionals including tips on the scoring criteria.

- Example answers to the interview questions that you can use during your own interview.

- Suitable for both NHS and private roles.

- Invaluable advice on how to pass the medical interview for both the NHS and the private sectors.

- Created in conjunction with current serving nurses and doctors working within the NHS.







MEDICAL Interview Questions and Answers Workbook










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