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richard_mcmunn_entrepreneurTrain Driver tests form an integral part of the selection process and are normally split over four different areas. The majority of Train Operating Companies will employ a specialist independent company to conduct the assessments on their behalf.

  • There are currently only a few Assessment Centres that have the capability of carrying out such assessments and these are based at Doncaster, Crewe and London.
  • Before you commence each of the tests you will have the opportunity to carry out a number of practice sample questions.
  • Obviously the best way to prepare is to carry out lots of practice tests well in advance of your assessment day.
  • You should start the practice questions at least two weeks before your assessment date so that your mind gets used to working under pressurised conditions.

Mechanical Comprehension Test – not used by all TOC’s

Mechanical pulley systems

  • Mechanical Comprehension Tests are designed to assess a candidate’s ability to interpret basic mechanical principles
  • Trainee Train Drivers receive a level of traction training during their initial training programme and the Mechanical Comprehension Test is designed to assess your ability in this area.
  • Research has shown that candidates who perform well during Mechanical Comprehension Tests are more likely to perform better in the role of a Train Driver.

Trainability for Rules and Procedures Test (TRP)

  • The Trainability for Rules & Procedures (TRP) Test is a paper and pencil based test and is conducted over two parts.
  • The first part of the test requires you to listen to an audio tape or CD about a piece of information that relates to the rail industry.
  • The piece of information that will be played to you could relate to any rail industry subject.

Group Bourdon Concentration test Trainability for Rules and Procedures test

  • Whilst the tape or CD is being played you will also have a printed copy of the information in front of you to study.
  • You are permitted to take notes on a scrap piece of paper.
  • Once the tape or CD is complete and you have read the information provided, your notes and the printed information will be taken off you.
  • You will then have seven minutes to answer 18 multiple choice questions that relate to the information you have just read and listened to.

The Group Bourdon Test

  • This test is quite difficult and requires a high level of concentration.
  • This is the area that the majority of candidates fail on.
  • The reason why the TOC assess you in this particular area is due to the fact that you need a high degree of vigilance and concentration whilst carrying out the role of a Train Driver.

The basic requirement of the test is to assess your ability to maintain high levels of concentration whilst performing a repetitive task. The test is normally carried out on a computer screen. However, some assessment centres still use a pen and paper version of the test.

  • Basically, you will be presented with five screens/sheets of paper that have rows of dots grouped together in boxes.
  • The dots will be in clusters of 3, 4, 5 and 6, and it is your task to work through each page and cross out each group of 4 dots.
  • You only have two minutes in which to complete each page.
  • The adjudicator will tell you to ‘change’ pages or screens every two minutes, so you have to work fast in order to score well.
  • The problem with this test is you will lose marks for incorrect answers.

100′s of Online Test Questions for the Train Driver Selection Process

When you purchase the online ‘Train Driver Testing Suite’ you will get INSTANT access to 100′s of different test questions that will go a long way to helping you PASS the real tests. We frequently add new test questions to keep you fresh and challenged.

Online Train Driver Testing Suite

BUY NOW FOR ONLY £9.99 + vat   

Get your ticket to our exclusive ‘Train Driver Testing Suite’ NOW and you will receive:

  • TD – Concentration Test 01 (Group-Bourdon Prep)
  • TD – Concentration Test 02 (Group-Bourdon Prep)
  • TD – Concentration Test 03 (Group-Bourdon Prep)
  • TD – Fault Analysis Test (Concentration)
  • TD – Group-Bourdon Concentration Test 01
  • TD – Group-Bourdon Concentration Test 02
  • TD – Group-Bourdon Concentration Test 03
  • TD – Group-Bourdon Concentration Test 04
  • TD – Group-Bourdon Concentration Test 05
  • TD – Mechanical Comprehension Test 01
  • TD – Mechanical Comprehension Test 02
  • TD – Spatial Reasoning Test 01
  • TD – Spatial Reasoning Test 02
  • TD – Spatial Reasoning Test 03
  • TD – Spatial Reasoning Test 04
  • TD – Spatial Reasoning Test 05
  • TD – Spatial Reasoning Test 06
  • TD – Trainability for Rules & Procedures Test Part 1
  • TD – Trainability for Rules & Procedures Test Part 2 – 1
  • TD – Trainability for Rules & Procedures Test Part 2 – 2
  • Understanding Information Test 01
  • Understanding Information Test 02
  • Understanding Information Test 03
  • Understanding Information Test 04
  • Understanding Information Test 05
  • Understanding Information Test 06
  • Understanding Information Test 07
  • Understanding Information Test 08
  • Work Rate Test 01

How To Become A Train Driver Online Train Driver Tests

  • Numerical Reasoning Test 01
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 02
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 03
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 04
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 05
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 06
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 07
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 08
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 09
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 10
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 11
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 12
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 13
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 14
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 15

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Online Train Driver Testing Suite

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