This course is specifically designed for candidates wishing to become a Royal Navy Officer. The 1-day course provides expert tuition and guidance on how to prepare effectively for the Royal Navy Admiralty Interview Board.

In the following video Richard McMunn explains what is involved in the 1 Day course and how it will help you to prepare for and more importantly pass the entire selection process: 


If you want to join the Royal Navy as an officer you will be required to undergo a series of assessments, tests and interviews, including the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB). The board itself consists of the following assessable elements:

The biographical questionnaire

Before you arrive at the AIB you will be sent a questionnaire to complete. This helps the RN/RM make an initial assessment about you. Therefore, it is important that you complete the form as fully and accurately as possible. It is your chance to blow your own trumpet.

“During the 1-day AIB course we will teach you how to complete the questionnaire.”

The first evening of the Admiralty Interview Board (day one)

Upon arrival at the Admiralty Interview Board you will report to the candidates’ reception. This is when you will be provided with details of where you will be staying during your time at the AIB. It is important to get off to the right start; be polite and courteous to the staff at HMS Sultan and remember you are always being assessed. It is also strongly advisable to dress in formal outfit when you attend the AIB. You should also make sure that you take with you your completed bibliographical questionnaire.

Join the Royal Navy as an Officer

The first full day of the Admiralty Interview Board (day two)

The first full day will commence with the general testing element of the AIB. You will be required to sit the following:

- A 20-minute verbal reasoning test designed to demonstrate your general reasoning and ability with words;

- A 13-minute non-verbal reasoning test, again measuring your reasoning power, but this time without the emphasis on verbal skills;

- A 25-minute numerical test covering numerical fluency, reasoning and statistics;

-  A 15-minute speed and accuracy test, measuring your concentration and mental agility;

Be fully prepared for the AIB

-  A 15-minute spatial orientation test, involving directions, relative positions and movement;

- A short general service knowledge test to provide the Board with an indication of your research into the Royal Navy.

“During the 1-day AIB course we will provide you with a selection of comprehensive documents to help you practice and prepare for the above day one assessments and tests.”

The AIB essay: this assessment lasts for 45 minutes, during which time you will be required to write about a topical subject chosen from a list of four subjects. During the essay you will be assessed against your communication skills; something which are crucial to the role of a Royal Navy Officer.

Fitness assessment: the fitness assessment at the AIB is the basic bleep test. Whilst this is not assessable it is essential that you put in a good performance. Candidates who do not perform to an adequate standard will leave the AIB.

The final day of Admiralty Interview Board (day three)

Practical leadership task (PLT): you are required to work as part of a team in order to complete a set task. During the task there will be obstacles to tackle and problems to solve. You will be assessed against your potential leadership skills, your levels of motivation and your team working abilities. A key tip during the practical leadership task is to make sure you put in plenty of urgency and demonstrate strength of character.

Tackling the Practical Leadership Task (PLT)

The AIB planning exercise: it could be argues that this is the toughest element of the Admiralty Interview Board. As part of the planning exercise you are given a written brief of a specific scenario. You will have 15 minutes in which to study the brief. The AIB assessors will then introduce a problem in to the scenario and you will have another 15 minutes in which to work as part of a team in order to solve it.

Once the 15 minutes are complete, each person in the group will be questioned in turn to examine their understanding of the situation, before you individually present your final solution to the problem. Before you attend the AIB make sure you become highly proficient in the use of speed, distance and time. 

“During the 1-day Admiralty Interview Board course you will have the opportunity to try out the planning exercises in a group setting.”

Competency-based interview: during the AIB at HMS Sultan you will undergo a 30-minute interview. You will be asked interview questions based on your experiences in life so far, the responsibilities you have taken on in your life and also details of where you have already been a leader and an organiser. They will also ask you what you want to achieve in life and assess your understanding of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and worldwide current affairs issues.

This exclusive 1-day training course, which is held in Kings Hill, Kent, will provide prospective candidates with guidance, training and tuition on what to expect at the Admiralty Interview Board and more importantly, how to pass it.


Students attending our 1-day Royal Navy Officer course

The following areas are covered during the AIB course:

- Detailed information on how you will be assessed and scored at the board.
– Advice on how to prepare for the interview and the questions you will be asked.
– One-to-one training with an expert tutor.
– Get to try out the different elements of the Admiralty Interview Board in a safe environment.

The 8-hour AIB Preparation Course covers:

- Understanding the role of a Royal Navy Officer and advice on how to match teh qualities during AIB.

- How to prepare for the AIB including lots of sample test questions for you to take away and practice.

- The assessable skills that you need to demonstrate during your time at the board.

- Get to try out a mock interview in a safe environment including details of what you need to say during the competency-based interview.

- You will try out a Practical Leadership Exercise and also get to work through a Planning Exercise with other similar students.


Course Director - Richard McMunn

“This course is perfect for anyone who has aspirations of becoming a Royal Navy Officer or Royal Marines Officer. Whether you have yet to apply or you already have a date for your AIB, this course will prepare you fully for the challenges that face you.

The 1 day intensive ‘Admiralty Interview Board’ training course has been carefully designed to help you increase your chances of success when applying to become either a Royal Navy Officer or a Royal Marines Officer. I promise you that you will find the course both highly informative and rewarding. During the intensive one day course your tutor will cover a number of topics including how to pass the entire selection process. You will get to try an interview and also practise the type of tests that you will undertake during the AIB. This course represents unbelievable value for money – you won’t be disappointed!”

Richard McMunn - Course Director

Richard McMunn- Former Royal Navy Engineer (HMS Invincible)


Learn how to pass the Admiralty Interview Board

The total cost of the course is £87 plus vat. Once you have paid for your course you will receive confirmation of your booking and further course details by email including accommodation details etc.

Location of the course - 


Capital Enterprise Centre, 70 Churchill Square Business Centre, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent. ME19 4YU. You will receive details of the training venue location in your booking confirmation letter, which is sent by email. There is ample free parking at the venue.

Course duration - The course will run from 9am until 4pm.

Refreshments - Teas/Coffees provided. There are shops (Costa Coffee and Asda) located within a 5-minute walk for your lunch, or you can bring your own if you prefer.

You can also download a training course FACT SHEET from HERE.

Download the course fact sheet

If you have any further questions about the course please contact us at info@how2become.com. 


Join the Royal Navy as an Officer







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Your course booking details will be sent to you via email within 48 hours of your course booking being placed.

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