Airline pilots are required to possess outstanding hand to eye coordination. During the selection process to become a pilot you will be required to undertake a simulation, part of which involves the airline pilot cross-hair test. In order to assess you during your preparation we have created an excellent software testing tool which simulates the actual airline pilot cross-hair assessment.

  • 2D Tracking is a test of hand-eye coordination. Both a vertical and horizontal line are displayed on the screen forming a cross-hair.
  • This moves with away from its centred position requiring the user to move the cross-hairs’ direction smoothly and accurately to realign the cross-hairs to the centre.
  • The deviation over the entire test is measured, so keeping the cross-hairs centred throughout the test is integral to gaining a high score.


  1. The test is designed to assess a potential pilot’s ability to fly with accuracy and precision whilst listening for communications from the all-important air traffic control centre.
  2. Essentially, if a candidate can ‘hold’ the cross-hair in line with pre-set parameters, he is far more likely to fly the aeroplane safely.
  3. Sometimes, a pilot will hold the cross-hair steady whilst waiting for oral confirmation from the air traffic control tower or alternatively from his navigation equipment.
  4. Whilst flying the aircraft the pilot will need to have the ability to monitor his crosshair by way of aligning vertical and horizontal lines. This is often referred to as the pilots ‘aptitude’, hence the term ‘aptitude tests’.

When the airline pilot cross-hair test software tool is loaded into the computer, the Crosshairs software will enable the candidate to choose from a number of different test durations. We recommend that when you start the test you commence with the lowest possible setting, simply because most people find the test difficult to get used to, especially if they have not conducted this type of aptitude assessment before.

When the test commences you will be presented with two horizontal and vertical lines which will start to move. It is your job to centre the provided dot using the arrows on your keyboard. You will be informed whenever you make any errors and you will also be able to assess your scores at the end.


Airline Pilot Psychometric Testing Package - £19.97 plus vat per month

Airline Pilot Pyschometric Testing Pack