Getting to Grips with the Royal Navy Interview Changes for 2013

Royal Navy Application is pretty tough. Here's our guide on how to pass.

During 2013 the Royal Navy changed the manner in which it assesses candidates for the interview element of the assessment process. The below will provide you with some useful tips and guidance on how to prepare for the interview questions, and Royal Navy application, including advice on what types of selection interview question to expect when attending.


The Royal Navy clearly prides itself on effective teamwork. During Royal Navy application, you need to be able to provide details of when you have previously worked as part of a team to achieve a task or common goal.

Q. Have you ever worked as part of a team to achieve a goal? If so, what part did you play?

Q. What do you understand about the term ‘teamwork’?

Q. What would you do if a member of your team was struggling with his or her role?


Resilience is in relation to having a positive and determined state of mind. It is also about how you keep yourself fit. Here are a few sample interview questions for you:

Q. Give an example of where you have persevered with a task or project? What did you do and why?

Q. How do you keep yourself fit and motivated?

Problem solving

Solving problems is all part and parcel of Royal Navy life, either be it as an Officer or a Rating. Try preparing for these:

Q. Give an example of when you have solved a difficult problem on your own.

Q. If you were struggling to solve a difficult problem, what would you do?

If you want to pass Royal Navy application, you need to prepare thoroughly!

Planning and organising

As a Royal Navy rating or Officer you will have to plan ahead and also be very organised. Here are a few examples of questions asked in the past:

Q. Give an example of a situation where you have planned or organised something or an event/project? What did you do and why?

Q. How have you been preparing for the Royal Navy selection process and also life within the Armed Forces?

Learning and developing

Sample questions in relation to this area include:

Q. Give a situation in the past when you have learnt a new skill? How did you approach the learning or development?


Naturally, when you join the Armed Forces you will have to be self-discipline3d. Try preparing for these questions:

Q. Give an example of when you have been self-disciplined or shown discipline in a work/educational situation?
Q. What do you understand by the term ‘discipline’?

Communication skills

This will generally throughout the interview and will be assessed in the manner in which you communicate at the interview. You may also get asked a question relating to ‘comunication’, such as:

Q. Give a situation when you had to deliver a message to a group of people – how did you go about communicating the message? (make sure it was clear, concise, easily-understood, in a style appropriate to the audience and always confirm they understand the message)

Royal Navy Application is super tough. You need to prepare carefully in advance!