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Cabin Crew Interview Preparation – Research

As with any job interview you’ll face, research will make up a very important part of your cabin crew interview preparation. Of course, you will need to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the industry and what the role entails, but the bulk of your research should be focused on the specific airline you […]

Royal Navy Psychometric Test: Mechanical Comprehension

As part of your Royal Navy Recruiting Test, you will be required to take a Mechanical Comprehension test; one of four sub-sections of your assessment and the Royal Navy psychometric test. The Mechanical Comprehension part of your Royal Navy Recruiting test is to assess your mechanical and technical understanding. These types of questions often relate […]

British Army Recruitment Process – Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Women in SAS

The British Army recruitment process is a challenging and competitive one, no matter which career within the Army you wish to go for. To be successful, you will need to pass a number of stages, ranging from tests and assessments to an interview with an Army Development and Selection Officer. Let’s now go through the […]

Prison Officer Fitness Test – Run-through and Advice

Amid recent pressure on the Government over the wages of public sector workers, it has been widely reported that prison officer salaries are set to increase beyond the 1% cap on public sector pay rises. As a result, applications for this position are expected to increase nationwide as we move towards the new year and […]

NSAA Preparation – What is the Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment?

The Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment (NSAA) is entrance exam carried out by the University of Cambridge in order to assess prospective undergraduates hoping to study with them in the following subject areas: Natural Sciences, Veterinary Science, and Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences). According to the university, this exam is carried out in order to “differentiate […]

Highways Agency Traffic Officer Job Checklist – Become a HATO

A Highways Agency Traffic Officer (HATO) works on major roads and motorways in the UK to reduce congestion and manage on-road scenes following incidents or collisions. HATOs have special powers that road users must obey, such as the ability to instruct traffic to move along or stop. By law, road users must obey them, although […]

Essential Writing Tips – Top 10 Strategies

No matter why you are writing, whether for academic purposes or for pleasure, doing so to a high standard is extremely important. It is the mode by which you transmit your ideas, findings, opinions, critiques, and knowledge, so it’s vital that you are always looking to improve. If you are a student, clear written communication […]

ASDA Interview Questions – How To Answer

In order to get recruited by ASDA, you will have to pass the three stages of the application process. These are: the online application form, the ‘ASDA Magic’ assessment centre, and the final interview with a store manager. With their ASDA interview questions, the store manager is aiming to get to know you on a […]