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What Is The Role Of A Teacher?

Teaching is one of the most important professions in the UK today. It is a rewarding yet challenging career path, which requires enthusiasm, dedication, confidence, self-discipline, patience and stamina. You will also need a sense of humour — as many teachers will tell you, children can ask the funniest questions! In this blog, we’ll look […]

How To Become An RSPCA Inspector: The Definitive Guide

RSPCA inspector/investigators carry out an amazing job, saving and protecting animals. It is not surprising therefore, that many people apply each year. This blog will provide you with some important information relating to the selection process and how you can apply. RSPCA Inspector Selection Process The selection process for becoming an RSPCA Inspector consists of […]

Police Careers: What Jobs Are Available?

Despite the recent austerity measures and the on-going Government cuts, there are still plenty of job opportunities within the UK police force. Naturally, when anyone mentions or discusses working for the police, we automatically think of the police constable. However, there are in fact many different types of police careers, that go into making an […]