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Understanding Corporate Speak Before Starting Your New Job

Understanding Corporate Speak Before Starting Your New Job Corporate Speak has become a new middle-class language for the 21st century version of the 1980s yuppies. You’ve heard the terms and they are cringe worthy to say the least. The same corporate drivel is written on documents, CVs and is heard as young get up and […]

How Easy is it for Graduates to Find Their Ideal Job?

These days, it’s fair to say that a degree alone is not enough to guarantee someone their dream job. In some cases, even a postgraduate degree or experience on graduate schemes isn’t enough. While some sectors and industries are crying out for people with particular skills, other jobs will attract numerous applications for candidates with […]

Supermarkets Offering Employees Degree Programmes

Supermarkets Offering Employees Degree Programmes People go to the supermarket to do their weekly shopping, but some could end up with more than they bargained for, thanks to a new scheme from Asda that allows staff to work towards BA honours degree programmes while continuing to work at the supermarket. Could company-funded degree courses become […]

Getting to Grips with the Royal Navy Interview Changes for 2013

During 2013 the Royal Navy changed the manner in which it assesses candidates for the interview element of the assessment process. The below will provide you with some useful tips and guidance on how to prepare for the interview questions, and Royal Navy application, including advice on what types of selection interview question to expect […]

What to Wear to that All-important Interview?

What to Wear to that All-important Interview? While an interviewer has reviewed your application and made their decision to grant you an interview based upon your qualification, how they interpret your appearance in the first few seconds of seeing you will most likely determine whether or not your get the position. They will pass judgment […]

Which is the Most Rewarding: Primary or Secondary School Teaching?

Which is the Most Rewarding: Primary or Secondary School Teaching? How rewarding a career is depends as much on personal goals, skills and ambitions as it does upon the profession or job itself. So it is impossible to make a call as to whether primary teaching is more rewarding or if secondary teaching is. However, […]

Essay Writing Tips For The Army Officer Selection Board

Essay writing tips for the Army Officer Selection Board Each year many people apply to join the Army as a commissioned Officer – as part of the tough selection process they are required to undertake an army officer briefing and also a main board.   During the board the applicant will be required to write […]

The Reality of Working in a Call Centre

What is a Call Centre? Call centres are basically centres where large volumes of customer queries or customer support requirement can be dealt with. It may also be a centralised location from which telesales operations can take place. Companies like SERCO for example provide and manage call centres all across the globe in a variety […]