What Are Britain’s Most Hated Career Choices?

Britain’s Most Hated Career Choices

richard_mcmunn_When asked, what the most hated professions in the UK are, most of us can readily come up with a few answers. And one of the most common answer would probably be estate agents. But a recent survey shows, and yes there is an actual survey, that traffic wardens top the most hated career choice list. So what makes some professions so hated, some by the people doing the job, some by other people, and some by both?

At the heart of the hatred for all things traffic warden is of course, parking – a concept that is at best, irksome and at worst, capable of rendering one clinically insane. And regulating this nightmarish idea and enforcing the convoluted policies and rules that surround it, is the traffic warden himself. No wonder then that most people would rather implode inside their car than interact with one!

Now that we have an idea of why the common man may find dealing with traffic wardens trying, why might traffic wardens hate their own job? Well, perhaps because they have to work odd hours and get into unpleasant altercations and get disdainful looks from the public.

Another most hated career choice, closely following the traffic warden’s job, would probably have to be estate agents. Why are estate agents despised by the general populace, you ask? Estate agents have, over the years, earned the reputation of being evil, scheming masterminds whose only apparent purpose is to make your life as difficult as possible, while also relieving you of copious amounts of cash.

They have no conscience to speak of, and all of them seem to have the same old and rusty sales tricks to get you to sign on the dotted line. Almost as if it was part of the estate agent syllabus that they got taught at estate agent school. Which is ironic since the estate agent world is large unregulated and unlicensed and you don’t really need any actual qualifications to become one. Indeed, this is another reason for their lack of popularity: they have a propensity to act as though they have graduated with First Class Honours degrees, when in fact they are often academic failures and upstarts.

When was the last time you got cold called by a telemarketer and you were happy about it?

Telemarketing would probably have to be on the list of most hated career choices, simply because almost everyone unanimously finds telemarketing calls so flipping annoying. While most of us politely decline, it is not uncommon for people to hang up or make rude comments to the poor telemarketers. Surely, cold calling people and trying to sell things has got to be a hated career choice, particularly if it is not just a temporary job but a long term career choice.

Working in a fast food restaurant is usually considered a student job. Something to earn some extra cash while studying. This is probably why those who are in permanent employment in a fast food joint end up hating the job. For one, you only get to have green university students as ‘work colleagues’. Second, the pay is usually not something to write home about, and the work, well it’s not exactly at the top of the job satisfaction list.