British Science Week; 2016 Science and Engineering


British Science Week 2016 Science and Engineering Day



Across the UK, people of all ages will begin to celebrate British Science Week (BSW).

This week sees people taking part in social events and activities based on the following:

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Maths


The British Science Association takes huge pride in supporting the British Science Week. Providing free activities and resources, the BSA take huge pleasure in promoting a world full of science and technology.


 British Science Week is a 10-day programme that covers events and activities from sciences, technology, engineering and maths.

  • START DATE – 11th March 11, 2016
  • END DATE – 20th March, 2016


 Anyone can get involved in British Science Week!

Events and activities are organised by a whole range of different people, and this week sees communities, schools, parents and large organisations getting involved and supporting the social sciences.

There are lots of different things you can do to get involved in the British Science Week


Citizen Scientist!

Nutty ProfessorFor 2016, you can get involved in the citizen science projects which are all bat-related!

For this project, you will be required to listen to audios and study visuals and then identify different bat calls.

For more information on being a BAT DETECTIVE in Science Week, please check out the official British Science Week website.


Undertake activities

The theme for the British Science Week 2016 activity packs are all about different spaces in which science can be done and found.

Below are the five different types of spaces that form part of your activity pack:

  • Open space
  • Outer space
  • Digital space
  • Built space
  • Personal space

Now, there are two packs that you are able to download, one for primary and one for secondary, and each containing a variety of different activities which can be used in the classroom or for home-learning.



A quick and fun way to get involved in British Science Week is to test your knowledge by taking part in quizzes!

The 2016 quiz can be taken by yourself or as a group, and is available for three different abilities/age range:

  • Level One – (5-8 years old)
  • Level Two – (8-13+ years old)
  • Level Three – Open to all ages

There are 5 rounds to the quiz:

  • Science and Performing Arts
  • Science and History
  • Science and Dance
  • Science and Geography
  • Science and Sport


Question 1 (Level One)

Match the following living things to their environments:

British Science Week Quiz

Question 2 (Level Two)

British Science Week Quizzes Level Two

Question 3 (Level Three)

 Which fossil fuel was being used more during the Industrial Revolution?

 British Science Week 2016

Answers to Quiz

British Science Week Quizzes

For further practice questions, and more information about the British Science Week Quiz, please visit their official website.


As part of National Science Week, we also celebrate National Science and Engineering Day!

National Science and Engineering Day for 2016 is on Saturday the 12th March.

A day full of events that are inspired by social sciences and engineering. Packed full of events and activities from the Ocean to Earth Day, this day will have everything you want to learn!

The day will be completed with a series of events and exhibits, which are based on world-leading research.

The events are free!

Open for all ages!

Knowledge for everyone! 

Don’t forget, by participating in British Science Week you can


British Science Week; 2016