Cabin Crew Job Description

Cabin Crew Job Description

Cabin crew are required to provide exceptional customer service before, during and after the flight. In addition to this they are responsible for the safety of themselves, the safety of the other crew members and most importantly, the safety of the passengers. Cabin crew are trained to a very high standard to deal with emergency situations and to also administer first aid when necessary.

Cabin crew will carry out a number of pre-flight checks which include assessing all safety equipment and ensuring that the aisles and safety routes are clear from obstructions. They will then welcome on board the passengers and conduct a role call once all luggage is safely stored away and secured.


Following pre-flight safety briefings, cabin crew will serve refreshments to passengers, serve up drinks and also offer duty free goods and services. They will also deal with any passenger complaints and also deal with any other issues as and when they arise during the flight.

Qualities required to become cabin crew

The different qualities required to become cabin crew are many and varied; however, the following will give you a very good idea of the type of qualities and attributed you will need in order to become successful in the role:

A safety-conscious attitude

You will be responsible for the safety of the passengers, and as such, you will need to work in an organised and safe manner. You will also need the ability to learn and retain large amounts of job-related information, procedures and training.


Cabin crew need to be very flexible in order to meet the demands and expectations of the role. Although you will receive your flying roster a few weeks before your scheduled flights, it is important that your diary is kept free to meet the roster. You may also be required to be on standby and be available to fly at short notice to cover sickness etc.

Calm approach and ability to work under pressure

Despite the perceived glamour of the role, cabin crew do work in sometimes extremely pressurised situations. Passengers can sometimes be very difficult to deal with and you will need a calm approach when dealing with passengers. You will need the ability to deal with complaints effectively whilst keeping your focus on the key elements of the role at all times.

Team working capabilities

Cabin crew very rarely work with the same people each day. You will find that you work with a large amount of different people during your career. Cabin crew teams vary one day to the next. Therefore, you must have the ability to work with everyone, regardless of their gender, background, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Pride in appearance

It goes without saying, but you must be capable of looking after yourself and taking a pride in your appearance. Some airlines will place more emphasis on this attribute than others.

Ability to follow procedures

Cabin crew must be able to work unsupervised and follow procedures religiously. Safety is absolutely paramount to the role and you will be expected to follow your training to the letter. You will have many rules and procedures to absorb during your training and therefore, an ability to learn and retain a large amount of job-related information is absolutely necessary. 


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