Insight Into The Cabin Crew Team Assessment Day

Cabin Crew Team Assessment Day

AN EXPLANATION The number of candidates taking part in the team assessment will vary from airline to airline, but to give you an idea, there are usually about a dozen. At the beginning of the team assessment, you will be provided with a brief and you will then be given a set time in order to come up with a solution. Throughout the team assessment, you will have a member of the airline recruitment staff monitoring the session and scoring each of you individually. The important thing to remember, during the team assessment, is how you present yourself. Yes, it is good to provide a solution to the problem, but there is so much more to the assessment than problem solving. What to expect at the Cabin Crew Assessment   HOW TO SCORE POSITIVELY DURING THE CABIN CREW TEAM ASSESSMENTS AREA NUMBER 1 – INVOLVING OTHERS During the assessment, you must try to involve other people. If, during the assessment, you notice a person who is not getting involved or saying anything, try to involve them. Ask them a question such as – “What do you think we should do?”. You will receive positive marks for involving others during the assessment. AREA NUMBER 2 – COMMUNICATION SKILLS Use effective listening skills throughout the assessment, both verbal and non-verbal. Make sure you listen to what other people are saying and use facial expressions and actions to indicate that you are doing so. AREA NUMBER 3 – POSITIVE TEAMWORKING During the assessment, make an effort to get on with the group. Smile, be positive and show that you have the ability to work effectively in a team environment. Don’t try to show off or gain points by doing things on your own. Yes, come up with positive solutions, but involve the group and get involved with them. AREA NUMBER 4 – MAKING POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS Try to think of positive solutions to the problem. Remember that you don’t have to necessarily solve the problem totally, but do try to come up with a logical solution and one that would work. If somebody doesn’t agree with your solution, be willing to change or accept that maybe there is a better idea. AREA 5 – PROVIDE POSITIVE FEEDBACK If somebody comes up with a good idea during the assessment, tell them so. Provide encouragement to the group by saying phrases such as – “I think that’s a great idea, that would work”, or “Yes, I think that would work, because……” AREA 6 – EFFECTIVE BODY LANGUAGE Throughout the assessment, have a positive body language. If you are sat down, do not slouch. Instead, sit upright and be enthusiastic about getting involved with the group. Be positive in your nature, smile and laugh where appropriate. AREA 7 – BUILD ON IDEAS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM If a member of the group offers a solution, try to build on it. Don’t dismiss people’s ideas just because you don’t agree with them. Look for ways to see if they will work. SAMPLE TEAM ASSESSMENT – EXERCISE cabin-crew-team-assessment TEAM BRIEFING  An important guest will be arriving the following day at your airline’s headquarters and he has requested a selection of food to be available. He is a major shareholder within the company. Your task is to discuss amongst yourselves what would be the most appropriate choice of food and refreshments from the list below. Please indicate why you chose your selection: LIST -Roast Dinner; -Fish and Chips; -A selection of cold meats, salads, vegetables and fruit; -A hot buffet including selection of wines and non alcoholic drinks. To find out the answers to this cabin crew team exercise, and to obtain more tips and advice for becoming cabin crew, please go HERE