Police Careers: What Jobs Are Available?

police careers are available in a wide variety of roles. Despite the recent austerity measures and the on-going Government cuts, there are still plenty of job opportunities within the UK police force. Naturally, when anyone mentions or discusses working for the police, we automatically think of the police constable. However, there are in fact many different types of police careers, that go into making an excellent public service. Here we will take a brief look at the variety of job options available to you.

Police Officer

One of the most important police careers is the police constable. They carry out a very important role within our society and are an important link between the police force and the local community. Part of their role includes patrolling the streets and maintaining a visual presence, liaising with the public and major stakeholders, gather facts and information about crimes, taking steps to reduce crime and also being the first line of response for 999 calls and other types of incidents. Police Officer Download

Police communications officers

This term is another phrase used for the 999 call handler. Police communications officers play a pivotal role in getting the first line of response to an emergency incident. When members of the public dial 999, they will initially be transferred to a British Telecom centre, where the call handler will determine which service the caller requires. They will then be forwarded to the police, ambulance or Fire Service. Once the caller is through to the police the communications officer will then be responsible for handling the call and extracting as much information as possible about the call, including type of incident, the location of the incident and persons involved. They will then have to decide the types of police response required.

Custody nurse practitioners

A Custody Nurse is required to check over detainees to make sure they are suitable to be interviewed by the police. These police careers require high levels of responsibility, because many detainees may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and it will be your task to determine whether r not they are in a fit state to be interviewed. You will also administer medication to detainees and also gather forensic samples if required. In addition to having the necessary nursing skills and qualifications you will also need to have good life skills as this can be a very difficult job at times. there are a huge number of police service careers available

Police Careers (general roles)

There are also many other different types of police staff roles that make up the police force. General administration and management In this type of role you will conduct general administration work and admin. For example, you could work in a police recruitment department or office that looks after all applications for people joining the police. With over 75,000 people applying to join the police each year, this is a big task! Marketing and Communications Believe it or not, most large police careers forces will have a marketing department and media section. It will be their job to liaise with the press and the media and they will do their best to have a god working relationship with them. It is essential that the police force are seen in a good light and it is very good practice to keep the media and press on the side of the organisation. The press and media are also extremely effective at helping the police catch criminals and also help find missing people. Human Resources Human resources, or HR as it is sometimes called, are a very large department of the police. They will deal with contracts of all staff, internal discipline procedures, recruitment and also looking after any internal/external complaints of bullying or harassment if they occur. They will also determine the policies and procedures that people who work within the police force have to follow. Forensic Science (e.g. Forensic Practitioner, Fingerprint Laboratory Technician, Crime Scene Manager) Forensic science within the force has moved on tremendously in the past few year. Technologies and DNA advances mean that the police force are catching more and more criminals each year. Plenty of investment is needed within this field so that the police can stay ahead of the criminals. This is a very popular role within the force; however, you will most probably need a suitable degree in science to work within forensics. Operational Support (e.g. Driver, Communications Officer, Intelligence Analyst, Security Officer, Horse Trainer, Property Manager, Stable Hand/Kennel Person) First and foremost, the police force has a responsibility to respond to operational incidents. Operational support covers a wide range of areas, including vehicle maintenance, procurement, managing projects, training police horses for the larger metropolitan police areas and security. police constables drive police cars