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Interactive, fun, and engaging videos for children aged 5 to 11.

This video blog contains educational videos for kids on an array of fascinating topics. From history, to science, to the Chinese New Year; this blog contains all of our latest educational videos for kids.

To use the blog, simply scroll down and view each educational video. Conveniently, I have alphabetised the list for you to make it easier to follow.

Chinese New Year

Educational videos for kids – Chinese New Year

  • What the Chinese New Year is;
  • How the Chinese New Year is celebrated;
  • The 12 different animals which represent the 12 years in the Lunar Cycle;
  • What each animal represents, and how this links to key characteristics.
  • Food Webs and Food Chains

    Educational videos for kids – Food Webs and Food Chains

  • What food chains are;
  • What food webs are;
  • How food webs and chains can be interrupted, and the effect this has on ecosystems;
  • The difference between predators and prey;
  • The difference between consumers and producers.
  • Fractions – The Basics

    Educational videos for kids – Fractions – The Basics

  • What a fraction is;
  • What a fraction looks like;
  • The difference between numerator and denominator;
  • The difference between whole numbers and parts of whole numbers.
  • Henry VIII and his Wives

    Educational videos for kids – Henry VIII and his Wives

  • The order of Henry VIIIs six wives;
  • The names of Henry VIIIs six wives;
  • The dates when Henry VIII married each wife and how their relationships ended;
  • The rhyme to remember how each wife’s marriage ended with Henry VIII – divorced, beheaded or died?
  • Skeleton and Bones

    Educational videos for kids – Skeleton and Bones

  • Introduction to our friendly skeleton Funny Bones;
  • Learn the different names of the bones in the human body;
  • Provide interesting facts about each bone.
  • Vertebrates Animals

    Educational videos for kids – Vertebrates Animals

  • What is a vertebrate animal?
  • The different groups of vertebrates including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds;
  • Interesting facts about each group of types of vertebrates.
  • More Free Online Resources

    For the latest of our educational videos for kids, please check out our Youtube channel, Careervidz

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