Electrical Comprehension Reasoning Test

Electrical Comprehension Reasoning Test

This type of test is more commonly used during selection processes such as the RAF Airman Test. It is even used during many different types of electrical and engineering roles where a requirement to work sales with electrical components and concepts is required.

As part of the Royal Air Force airman test, the electrical comprehension test is designed to assess your ability work with different electrical concepts. The reason why you will be assessed in this manner is simply because aircraft, and the equipment used to service them, contains many electrical components. If you are competent in the use of electrical comprehension testing then you will be far more likely to perform better in this type of role.

Let’s take a quick look at a couple of sample test questions to help you.


In the following circuit, if switch A remains open, what will happen?


Please choose your answer from the multiple-choice options below.

A. Bulbs A and B will illuminate

B. Bulb A will illuminate only

C. No bulbs will illuminate

By studying the electrical circuit we can see that switch A is currently open. When it closes, both bulbs will illuminate simply because the circuit will be ‘live’. All the time the switch is open electrical current cannot flow.

Now let’s take a look at another sample questions.


Which electrical component is the following a description of?

A safety device which will ‘blow’ (melt) if the current flowing through it exceeds a specified value.

Once again, please select your answer from the multiple choice options below:

A. Electron

B. Battery

C. Earth

D. Resistor

E. Fuse

The correct answer to this question is E, a FUSE.

Here is another example for you:


In the following circuit, if switch A remains open, what will happen?


Choose your answer to the question from the options below:

A. Bulb A and B will illuminate

B. Bulb A will illuminate only

C. Bulb B will illuminate only

D. No bulbs will illuminate

The correct answer is C, bulb B will illuminate only. The reason why bulb B will illuminate is because the circuit is made regardless of whether or not switch A is open or closed. If the switch stays open then bulb A will NOT illuminate.

Tips for passing electrical comprehension tests

Tip 1 – Carry out lots of practice test questions which are focused on the subject you are preparing for. With regards to electrical tests it is essential that you understand the answers to the questions. You do this by purchasing a book or online tests which give you an explanation of the answers.

Tip 2 – When practising you must ensure you work on speed as well as accuracy. Most test administrators will want to see you answer as many questions as possible in the allocated time-frame but they will also be looking for accuracy. Because the tests will be multiple-choice in nature you need to ensure that you do not wild guess as you will lose marks fo incorrect answers.

Tip 3 – Always practice any type of psychometric test under timed conditions. This will get you ready for the real test. In addition to this, when preparing for electrical comprehension tests you must try to practice circuit questions and also symbol questions. Symbol questions refer to components that are used within electrical circuits, such as resistors, fuses, ohmmeters and amps etc.

When preparing for any type of electrical comprehension test, especially for the RAF Airman Test, you should always carry out plenty of targeted practice. See here for more electrical comprehension sample test questions.

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