Essay Writing Tips For The Army Officer Selection Board

Essay writing tips for the Army Officer Selection Board

Each year many people apply to join the Army as a commissioned Officer – as part of the tough selection process they are required to undertake an army officer briefing and also a main board.


During the board the applicant will be required to write an essay which will provide details to the assessing officer’s on how well, or not so well, the potential army officer can communicate and articulate in writing – something which is absolutely crucial to the role.

When preparing for the essay we strongly advise that you brush-up on your knowledge of current affairs as many of the questions will be both current and relevant. Some of the most effective ways to achieve this are to:

– Subscribe to THE WEEK magazine
– Study and read THE ECONOMIST
– Read a daily ‘decent’ newspaper – of course, what quantifies a ‘decent’ newspaper is up for debate, however, THE TIMES is usually a great starting point.

Here are a number of great tips which will help applicants to write a decent essay.

1. For the introduction, write the thesis statement and give some background information. The thesis statement is put into the essay introduction and it should reveal your point of view on the matter, or position you intend to support in your paper.

2. Develop each supporting paragraph and make sure to follow the correct format.

3. Write clear and simple sentences to express your meaning.

4. Focus on the main idea of your essay.

5. Consider using a well structured format for you essay:

Beginning – Include the thesis statement and background information.

Middle – This will be the main part of the essay and will include your argument, the reasons for it and any supporting evidence or information.

End – Conclude and summarise.

Army Officer


Try writing an essay on the following topics which are based on current affairs:

– Politicians too often base their decisions on what will please the voters, not on what is best for the country.

– Wealthy politicians cannot offer fair representation to all the people.

– In a free society, laws must be subject to change.

– An understanding of the past is necessary for solving the problems of the present.

– Education comes not from books but from practical experience.

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