Firefighter Interview Questions And Answers Examples

Firefighter Interview Questions And Answers Examples

If you have made it through to the interview stage of the firefighter selection process then you have done extremely well. Naturally, you will now want to make sure you pass the interview and move on to become a professional firefighter. In this article I will explain the most effective way to answer the firefighter interview questions.

During the interview you may get asked two different types of questions. The first is what is known as motivational questions and a few examples are as follows:

Q1. Why do you want to become a firefighter?

Q2. What can you bring to the role?

Q3. What have you learnt about the role of a firefighter?

The second type of question is what is called situational interview questions and these are based around the firefighter personal qualities and attributes.

Passing the Firefighter Interview can be difficult

Fire Service PQA Example Questions and Answers

The PQA’s for the basis for the role of a firefighter and many of the questions will come directly from these. In order to explain better I will provide you with a few personal qualities and attributes and sample questions to go with them.

Commitment to Diversity and Integrity – understands and respects diversity and adopts a fair and ethical approach in all situations

This is one of the most important PQA’s and I strongly advise that you learn and understand it. More importantly, you should ensure that you can provide lots of evidence where you meet the PQA.

Sample question: Give an example of when you have considered the views and opinions of someone who is from a different background to yourself?

Openness to Change – is open to change and actively seeks to support it.

The Fire Service is a constantly changing organisation and therefore, it wants to employ people who are open to change at all levels.

Sample question: Give an example of when you have supported change within an organisation

Confidence and Resilience – maintains a confident and resilient attitude in highly challenging situations.

Firefighters need to be confident people if they are to be capable of carrying out their role professionally and diligently.

Sample question: Give an example of when you have completed a task during difficult and pressurised circumstances?

When responding to the interview questions you should use the STAR method for constructing your responses, as this will ensure that you score higher in the PQA of effective communication.


Firefighter Interview Questions & Answers Workbook

To learn more about how to pass the firefighter interview get a copy of our Firefighter interview questions and answers workbook HERE