How To Answer Interview Questions


I often get asked by people what is the best way to respond to interview questions?

In this blog article I will explain the most effective way of how to answer interview questions.

To begin with we need to understand the two different types of interview question that you are likely to get asked at your interview. The first type is what I call motivational interview questions. These are questions that assess your motivations for applying, what you have to offer in the role and also why you want to join their organisation and what you know about the role. So, the first step in your preparation for the interview is to prepare for motivational interview questions. Here’s a short list of questions I recommend you prepare for:

Q. What can you tell us about the role you are applying for?

Tip: Read the person specification and job description for the role and be able to recite it at interview.

Q. What do you know about this organisation?

Tip: Go on the company website and find out as much as possible about what they do, the services they offer, where they are located, the key people (managers) and what they are about.

Q. What can you bring to the role?

Tip: Again, look at the job description an person specification and make an effort to cross-match your skills with what is required to perform the role competently. For example, if one of the key qualities required in the role is that of ‘customer service’, be able to give details of why you are suitable in this area.

Q. Why have you applied for the role?

Tip: Try to come up with a genuine and positive response to this interview question.

The second type of interview questions is what I call situational interview questions. These are slightly harder to answer but they give you more of an opportunity to gain higher marks. Here’s a list of situational interview questions to help you prepare:

Q. Can you give us an example of when you have worked under pressure?

Q. Give us an example of where you have been flexible?

Q. Provide details of when you have achieved a difficult task under a strict timeframe.

You will see that the above sample interview questions require you to provide evidence of where you have carried out the task or worked in a particular environment.

My advice is that you respond to these questions by using a concise method such as the STAR technique.

Start off by telling the interview panel what the SITUATION was that you were in. Next, explain what the TASK was that you have to carry out. The third stage is provide details of the ACTION you took and also the action that other people took. Finally, provide details of the RESULT or outcome following your actions. You should always try to make sure the result is positive following your actions.

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