How Do You Become A Postman?

How To Become A Postman

There are many benefits to being a postman and in this career article we will explore what they are and how you can prepare fully for the selection process that the Royal Mail uses in order to assess the suitability of prospective applicants.


To begin with, it is important to be aware of what the role of a postman actually involves. On the surface, it may first appear to be quite an easy job; however if you want to become a postman then you are going to have to work in all types of weather, work shift work, work some weekends, work unsociable hours, walk for approximately 8 miles per shift and also carry a heavy load. If it still sounds like the job for you, read on!

Unsurprisingly, many thousands of people apply each year but there are not that many vacancies advertised, simply because the job retention rate is high. This effectively means that most people, once employed in the job, do not leave. The pay is quite good and the conditions, although some postal workers will complain about them, are actually very good compares to some other similar types of roles.

Royal mail advertises postman vacancies on its website. You can even sign up for a job alerts service to be notified when the vacancies become available. Once a job is advertised your first step is to undertake the online screening process. This is basically a vetting process that will assess your suitability for the post, such as asking you questions about how comfortable you feel walking for 8 miles a day and also working in horrible weather conditions. Once you get through this part you will be invited to answer a series of application form questions. The questions are varied in nature but involve the following:

Postman application form

As a delivery post person the role requires you to be out delivering mail in all weathers. The role is very active and involves walking up to 8 miles per day whilst carrying a heavy mail bag. 

1. Why you have applied to become a postman.

2. How you intend to get to and from work.

3. Whether or not you hold a full UK driving licence.

4. What is your current notice period?

If you successfully pass the postman application form you will be invited to attend an assessment and interview. The interview is usually held at the local postal centre and you will be asked questions such as:

Postman interview questions

1. Why do you want to become a postman?

2. What can you bring to the role?

3. What do you know about the role of a postman?

4. What have you learnt about the Post Office and what are our morals and ethics?

5. How do you keep yourself fit and what would you do to make sure you kept physically fit for this role?

6. How do you feel about working Saturdays and have you ever worked unsociable hours before?

7. Have you ever had to carry out a work-related task whilst under time constraint’s?

8. Can you give an example of when you have worked outside during extreme weather conditions?

The above sample postman interview questions are only the start of what you need to learn for the interview. See here for more information regarding how to pass the postman interview

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