When is A-Level Results Day 2017?

When is A-Level Results Day 2017?

A-Level Results day can be an incredibly tense and stressful occasion for many teenagers across the UK.

So when is A-Level results day 2017 and what do you need to know?

When is A-Level Results Day 2017?

Students in England can collect their A-Level results on Thursday the 17th of August whilst students in Scotland can get theirs on Tuesday the 8th of August.

A-Level Results Day 2017: What do I need to bring?

You don’t need to bring much with you, just your letter from UCAS or your UCAS Track login details, along with contact details of university offers both firm and insurance.

To be safe students are being advised to also bring a pen and paper, mobile phone and a copy of a personal statement. You may also take along your AS results for reference if you wish.

A-Level Results Day 2017: What if I don’t meet the grades?

  • If you don’t achieve the required grades to get into your universities of choice, don’t panic. You will still be able to use the clearing system to try and attain another university place through the UCAS website.
  • In what is known as the “adjustment period” after A-Level results day, students are allowed a five day period in which to search for potential alternatives.
  • This also applies to students whose grades are higher than expected – if your grades outperform what was required from your firm offer you are entitled to search for another university place as well.
  • It is also worth noting that there is the option of re-sitting exams or getting your papers re-marked if you were not far off achieving the grades you needed.
    Pupils who decide that they do not want to accept their offer or defer their offer for a year will need to contact the university directly.

A-Level Results Day 2017: When can I apply through clearing?

  • Clearing is actually open from the 30th of June, but most students tend to go through the process once exam results have been obtained. However, there is the option to do it sooner.
  • Clearing is simply a way of universities to fill places that they may have remaining for the year ahead, and it allows students to search for courses and places that match the results and grades that they achieved on A-Level results day.
  • It is a fairly straightforward process and thousands of students use it every year.
  • You can search through clearing places on the UCAS website, and the Telegraph paper publishes a whole list of clearing places too.