3 Tough Management Interview Questions And Answers

If you are attending a management interview then the level of questioning is likely to be tougher than your standard interview. With an above average salary on offer the interview panel will clearly want to see evidence of where you have already proved yourself in a previous management role. It is all well and good having management qualifications; however, if you can’t put it in to practice then you simply won’t get hired. Here, we’re going to take a look at some common interview questions, and in particular, typical management interview questions. These are interview questions for managers: candidates applying for management roles.
Tough management interview questions and how to answer them.

The Best Way to Answer Management Interview Questions

Let’s take a look at a few sample management interview questions and how you can best answer them.

1. How would your members of staff describe you?

This type of question gives you the opportunity to tell the panel what qualities you possess that are relevant to the management role. Don’t be modest when answering these questions. Here’s a great response: “My members of staff would say that I am an effective leader who injects enthusiasm and motivation in to the team. They would also say that I am results driven and that, whilst I am fair, I also expect a hard day’s work from everyone.” Management Interview

2. What do you think of management in general?

This type of question is asked to see how well you understand the responsibilities of being a manager. Here’s a brilliant response to this kind of question: “I strongly believe that managers have a responsibility to manage, to lead and to drive through the organisations goals and missions. They also have a responsibility to implement change within their team. A manager must be a positive role model and should always expect high standards from his or her staff. Although being a manager can be tough at times, it is also highly rewarding if done correctly. It is essential that a team believes in their manager manager’s aspirations and it is the manager’s responsibility to maintain levels of enthusiasm and motivation. This can be achieved by keeping regular contact with all team members and holding regular briefings and appraisals.”

3. How do you define success?

The interviewer is looking for you to give an example of when you have recently achieved success in a management position. Here’s a cracking answer to this type of management interview questions: “I believe that success is not only achieving a team’s targets and goals but also exceeding them. It is not, in my opinion, acceptable to simply set out to meet your targets; you should constantly be striving to beat them. For example, in a previous management role I was set the target of achieving 50 new clients for my company within the first quarter of the year. I started out by briefing the team on what was required and the strategy that we would use to beat this target. Everyone in the team knew what they needed to do and we all set about working together to not only achieve the target, but beat it easily. At the end of the quarter we have achieved no fewer than 64 new clients for the company, something which we were all very proud of.” Whenever you attend a management interview you should always answer the questions with EVIDENCE of where you meet the qualities required to be a successful manager. Here’s a list of successful manager qualities for you to use during your preparation:
  • Target driven;
  • A track record of achievement;
  • An ability to implement change within an organisation;
  • Team player;
  • Leader and motivator;
  • Visionary;
  • Ability to inspire and lead teams;
  • Enthusiastic and a belief in end goal;
  • Strategist and planner;
  • Role model.


Now that we’ve covered three of the toughest management interview questions you might face, you should be more prepared for your management interview. If you want more top tips and advice on passing interviews, check out How to Pass an Interview.