MI6 Recruitment Drive: Winter 2016

the mi6 recruitment drive will really help the service to deliver on security

There is terrific news coming from the UK intelligence services this winter, as MI6 are set to launch an enormous recruitment drive over the next 4 years.

MI6 Recruitment Drive

The MI6 recruitment drive comes on the back of the government announcement last year that 1900 additional staff would be recruited for the British security services. MI6 are the organisation who will benefit the most from this; and they expect to take in almost 1000 new employees.

MI6 currently employs approximately 2500 people. However, it’s essential that the UK can keep up with the rapid development of digital technology. Nowadays, more and more intelligence agencies are relying on the surveillance of digital channels such as social media than the old method of using agents for surveillance purposes.

the mi6 recruitment drive is a huge boost to the intelligence services

The head of MI6 released a statement confirming that MI6 are absolutely determined to stay on the right side of the digital revolution, and wouldn’t be caught out. The MI6 recruitment drive will ensure this.

The MI6 recruitment drive also comes as a boost to GCHQ, the leading British digital surveillance agency. GCHQ are a fundamental part of anti-terror operations, and are responsible for areas such as tracking phone calls, monitoring emails and other communication lines. GHCQ has suffered in recent years, since a huge part of their work relies on cooperation with Internet companies. Since the Snowden incident, customers of these companies have come down hard on the organisations; demanding better rights to privacy and being (unsurprisingly) quite unhappy that their Internet activity was being looked at by intelligence agencies.

Unfortunately, the head of MI6 also had some bad news – he doesn’t expect the threat of extremism to go away. In a statement, he claimed that the groups such as Al-Qaida and Islamic State are the result of negative global trends, and this is something which will be with us for the remainder of our professional lifetime. He called on greater cooperation between intelligence agencies throughout the world, to ensure that governments were doing everything possible to tackle and mitigate the threat.

the mi6 recruitment drive will last for nearly 4 years