New Year, New Career – When Is It Time to Change Jobs?

New Year, New Career – When Is It Time to Change Jobs?

richard_mcmunn_entrepreneurWhen you have a job, it is better than not having one. That being said, there are times when it is truly time to find another job. There are many indicators that will tell you when it is time but even though they are mostly common sense, change can be intimidating enough to make you just stay where you are and stagnate. This is not good and can even lead to sickness. Also, quitting can be looked upon as failing but that is not always the case.

Whatever situation you are in, it is best to have a new job lined up before leaving the one you have. Here are some things that you can ask yourself in order to determine if it is time for you to change jobs or not. Keep in mind that if only one of these questions pertains to you then it probably is not a good idea to leave, but if more than half of them apply then you might want to start sending out your CV. 

  • Reached Potential

Do you feel as if you have reached the full potential that your job offers? Is there nowhere to go but sideways or down?

  • Job in the way of personal life

Any job can get in the way of personal life once in a while and that is acceptable. However, if your job is constantly getting in the way of your personal life (more than once a week) then it can begin to become a huge problem. You can talk to your boss about resolving it though before making any rash decisions. See if there is something that can be done to alleviate the issue.

  • Job Satisfaction

If there is no job satisfaction in what you do then you will be burned out rather quickly. Try to find at least one element of your job that makes you happy… it could be the people who work with you or even going home at the end of the day knowing that you did your job to the best of your abilities. If there is not one single thing about the job that you are satisfied with then it may be time to move on.

A new career, you can do it

  • Do you learn and improve continually?

Learning and improving in your job is a wonderful thing. It makes you want to try harder and challenges you to do your very best at all times. If there is no improvement or learning then a person tends to get very bored and unhappy very quickly.

  • Job vs. Career

This is one that many people may confuse. A job is a place where people go every day in order to make money. They tend to not care if it is a temporary or permanent thing because they do not care about the job they are doing; just the money that is made doing it. A career is a job but has potential for growth and development. A career usually involves some sort of formal training and is a job that has benefits and that a person can see themselves retiring from in 30 years or so.

  • Dread going to work?

Many of us dread going to work. It is a normal thing every once in a while. If you dread going to work on a daily basis, though, this can be a cause for concern. If this issue goes on for a length of time then the stress that is a result of it can lead to physical health issues.

  • Are you heard?

Some of us are lucky enough to have our opinions and ideas heard and respected. Others are not quite so lucky. If you have ideas that could improve the quality of the workplace or anything in it and when you voice them they are ignored on a repeated basis then that should tell you a bit about your importance in the establishment.

  • Co-worker relationships

Many people may not think about this one. However, it can play a big role in your job. Are your co-workers friendly and do you all get along and help each other or are there workplace bullies in your office? These bullies come in various shapes and types. They are harmful to the health (mental) of everyone in the workplace, yet when the boss is around they are angels. If when they are reported, nothing is done then it might be time to move on or even seek legal advice.

  • What is the commute?

If your commute costs more than 10% of what you make then it is definitely time to find a new job.

  • Healthy company?

Does your company promote healthy lifestyles and work environments? Is the fiscal stability of the company healthy? Do the bosses and managers want people to come in to work when they are sick, thereby exposing everyone else in the workplace to germs and potential sickness?

Starting a new job

  • Pay is adequate?

We might all think that we need more money but in reality is the pay that you receive for your job in the range of what is average for your position. In order to find out, you can do an online search for your job title and what the average salary is.

  • People leaving without being replaced

When people leave either by quitting or being terminated, are they replaced or is their work distributed among the remaining employees? If they are not being replaced then this could be a sign that the company is not doing very well financially and you may want to start polishing up your CV.

  • New management/job stability

If there is new management in the company and they are talking about reorganizing, that is code for people are getting ready to get laid off or straight out sacked. You can stay if you like, but if the chances are good that you will be canned then it is best to start looking elsewhere before you are. 

  • Company merge

When two or more businesses merge there is a lot of redundancy in certain job fields. This is another one of those times when you are likely to be laid off or fired.

  • If you are asking… then it is time

Regardless of all else, if you are asking this question then it is clear that something has happened to make you think that it is a wise decision to start making other plans. If you are not happy and this is the reason then first you should take a long look at what it is that is making you unhappy. It may be that it is not your job at all but some other aspect of your life that is causing the unhappiness and it is spilling over into the workplace. If this is the case then you may want to stay where you are but fix whatever is making you unhappy.

There are many reasons that will make people want to change jobs. The ones listed here do not even begin to cover all of them. Leaving a job is a decision that needs to be given proper thought to before actually doing it. Do not just do this on the spur of the moment because you might end up regretting it for a long time.