Personal Presentation When Working As Cabin Crew

Cabin crew are the face of the airline and therefore, it is essential that you dress appropriately and take care of your personal hygiene and application of make-up  Your standard or presentation needs to be very high as you will be expected to be a role model for the airline you are working for. Here, we’ll be taking a look at tips for cabin crew personal presentation, so that you can increase your chances of getting your dream job as a member of cabin crew or flight attendant!

Personal Hygiene – Cabin Crew Personal Presentation

The airline will invest a lot of money in to your training and also in regards to your uniform. It is essential that you wear it with pride whilst carrying out your duties on-board the aircraft. It is advisable that you keep a wash bag with you whilst at work and the types of things you should keep in the bag are:

  • Mouth wash;
  • Deodorants;
  • Antiperspirants;
  • Make up for female cabin crew;
  • Hair styling brush;
  • Hair styling products.

One of the main reasons for keeping a constant check on your personal hygiene is because you will be coming in to close contact with the passengers. Personal grooming will be required in order to give a good impression and look professional.

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Uniform – Cabin Crew Personal Presentation

The uniform that you will wear will stay the property of the airline until the end of your contract and you will be expected to keep it in exceptional condition. You will normally be required to buy your own shoes. Most airlines have rules and standards regarding shoes and generally these will be black. Some airlines will issue you with guidance as to the types of shoes you can purchase and you may wish to purchase them from. Naturally, your shoes must be kept clean at all times. With regards to dry cleaning, again it will be your responsibility to make sure your uniform is pressed, clean and looking smart for your rota or shift.

The majority of airlines will not allow you to wear your uniform when entering a bar or restaurant and you certainly are not permitted to consume alcohol whilst wearing your uniform.

To get an idea of the type of uniform you could be required to wear please see the picture below.

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Hair – Cabin Crew Personal Presentation

Airlines will also issue guidance to cabin crew in respect of how to wear your hair. For women, hair must usually be kept clean and neat at all times. If your hair is short then it will need to be kept well-trimmed and it should not be shorter than your collar length.

For cabin crew members who have longer hair then it will usually be tied in a ponytail, a French Pleat or a bun. Pony tails generally should not be any longer than 12 inches and all wispy bits must be neatly hidden. If your hair is coloured then it will need to be in keeping with your hairs natural tones and colour to maintain a professional look.

Unsurprisingly, one of the main problems for women working as cabin crew is static electricity attracted by their hair. To combat this most cabin crew will run conditioner through their hair. Another way to eliminate the problem is to wash your hair only every two days as opposed to washing it every day.

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