Police Officer Starting Salary To Be Cut

Police Officer Starting Salary To Be Cut

The Government has announced that a Police Officer’s starting salary is to be cut from £23,000 a year to £19,000. In a move which has angered many serving police officers and the National Police Federation, Theresa May, the current Home Secretary, has approved recommendations that were put to her by the Police Arbitration Tribunal.

The recommendation has come about as a result of a review which focused on police pay, conditions and allowances. It has been said that an Army Officer recruit will now start on a higher salary than that of a Police Officer.

Police Officer starting salary

Whilst many police officers are angry at the move the Government is confident that the public will be in agreement with their decision. At a time of tightening household budgets everybody has to make savings, including the police force.

However, it is not all bad news. Those police officer recruits who join with previous experience, such as police special constable or PCSO experience can start at £22000. This, however, is at the discretion of the Police Force. With more and more cuts to be made is seems unrealistic that any Police Forces will award higher pay to recruits with previous police work experience.

Police officers currently have to carry out may varied tasks including working with the community to build better relations, working with other stakeholders such as the Local Authority and the Fire Service to reduce crime, make their areas safer places to live, patrol the streets and attend court hearings to give evidence against criminals. Despite having to do all of this work and more, their starting salary will be greatly reduced.

The recent review will also see experienced police officers with more time served will move up to the higher rate of pay, currently £36,000 a year, a lot faster.

So, are these cuts fair? Whilst nobody would ever doubt the essential work that police officers do, it is important that the public sector takes its fair share of the budget cuts. However, what is important is that the Government does not continue to hit the public sector, especially the police force, as moral, which is already at an all-time low, is reduced even further. Perhaps one of the main reasons why the Government has taken this stance now witch regards to the reduction of police officer pay is because they are confident they will have the backing of the general public. If this announcement was made say, 5 years ago, there is no way that the public would back the Government. In periods of austerity where members of the tax paying public have to seriously tighten their purse strings, we all have to take and accept the burden.

One thing is for sure, the reduction is pay to a newly appointed recruit will not out many people off from applying to become a police officer.