What Are The Qualities Required To Become A Train Driver

The Qualities Required To Become A Train Driver

The selection process for becoming a trainee train driver includes many different stages including an application form, psychometric tests and two different interviews. The interview starts off with a criteria-based one and finishes with a managers interview. We have a full and extensive guide on train driver interview question and answers. During the selection process it is crucial that applicants match the assessable competencies and qualities that are required for the role of trainee train driver. It is absolutely essential that any candidate provides the assessors with EVIDENCE of where he or she meets each of the following qualities: CUSTOMER FOCUS Whilst you will be operating the trains and rolling stock this is still one of the most important qualities for the role of a train driver. You are the focal point for the Train operating company as such, you are a role model. Therefore, it is vital that train drivers are capable of providing an excellent service to passengers. This means operating the trains in a punctual manner, driving them in accordance with rules and procedures and communicating to passenger’s effectively using the tannoy system when required.
SAFETY CONSCIOUS Without doubt, THE most important quality for train drivers is that of safety. You will be responsible for the safety of your passengers, the safety of your team and the safety of the rolling stock. You will need to prove to the assessors that you can operate at all times in a safe manner whilst adhering to your training and rules/regulations that are laid down by the Train operating Company. At the interview, you will be assessed against this important quality by questions such as: “Can you give an example of when you have worked in a safe and effective manner whilst following rules and procedures?” GOOD COMMUNICATOR You have to be able to communicate effectively as a train driver in both verbal and written format. You will have to update your passengers on any problems up ahead if the train is delayed and this will require you to communicate in a calm manner, so as to not cause panic amongst the passengers in the carriages. You will also have to write down information in your log book about your routes and also keep your training records up-to-date. During the application form and the interview you will be assessed against your communication skills. ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE It is a well-known fact that train drivers have to be able to concentrate for long periods of time whilst on their routes. If you are driving a train from London Euston through to Glasgow Central then this can be a 5-hour journey. To concentrate intently for 5 hours takes a lot of skill. During the psychometric tests, you will be assessed using the group bourdon concentration test and also the fast reaction test. The most effective way to prepare for this quality is to carry out lots of practice questions that are similar to the ones you will undergo during the actual test. There are of course many other qualities required to become a train driver, such as team working skills, flexibility and an ability to work unsociable hours. To find out more about these qualities, and how you can match them at the selection process, see our extensive guide on becoming a train driver in 2017