Race And Diversity Interview Questions

Race And Diversity Interview Questions

During the police officer competency-based interview many people fail on the questions that arise based on respect for race and diversity  In this article I will provide you with a sample question and answer which will detail how to construct your response effectively.

Race and Diversity Interview Questions


Learn the core competencies relevant to the role

If you fail to learn the core competencies that are relevant to the role of a police officer then you will more than likely fail. Your first step is to obtain a copy of these important attributes. Once you have a copy, you must read them, learn them and be able to provide evidence of where you match each and every one of them. Respect for race and diversity questions are far harder to respond to and the scoring for these carries more weight.

Anybody can go to an interview and tell the panel that would be a good police officer, but actually backing this claim up with evidence is the key to success. The interview panel want to know that you have experience already in key areas, because if you already have experience in these areas, then you are far more likely to perform well in the role. 

Sample competency based interview question 

INTERVIEW QUESTION – Provide an example of where you have helped somebody from a different culture or background to your own. What did you do and what did you say?

 Tips for constructing your response

 – Read carefully the core competency that relates to respect for race and diversity before constructing your response.

– Try to think of a situation where you have gone out of your way to help somebody.

– Try to use keywords and phrases from the core competency in your response.

– Consider structuring your response in the following manner:

Step 1

Explain what the situation was and how you became involved. It is better to say that you volunteered to be involved rather than to say that you were asked to.

Step 2

Now explain who else was involved and why they needed your help or assistance?

Step 3

Now explain what you said or did and why. Also explain any factors you took into consideration when helping them.

Step 4

Explain how the other person/people reacted to your help or assistance. Did they benefit from it?

Step 5

Now explain what the end result was. Try to make the result positive following your actions.

Sample response to the race and diversity competency based interview question 4

Provide an example of where you have helped somebody from a different culture or background to your own. What did you do and what did you say?

“I was working at a restaurant and noticed a divide between the waiters and kitchen staff. Most of the kitchen staff were older than their waiter colleagues and had migrated from India. There was very little interaction between the kitchen and waiter staff colleagues and I was concerned that this barrier would not only make the kitchen staff feel isolated, but that it would also have a negative impact on the team environment.

My initial considerations were to ensure that the kitchen staff felt comfortable and that they could also speak to me and the waiters if they needed help or assistance. After all, they had not been in the country for long and I wanted them to feel welcome and valued. I believe that communication between colleagues within a workplace is essential to achieve the best possible results and create a good working environment, regardless of individual differences.

To overcome the challenges I introduced myself to all the kitchen staff members and I learnt their names. This ensured that they felt valued and that they also had a point of contact if they ever needed assistance or support. I also encouraged the other waiters to communicate with their kitchen colleagues. Following my actions communication improved and the workplace is now a more efficient and happier working environment.”