Teachers need more Disciplinary Back-up in Schools

Teachers need more Disciplinary Back-up in Schools

richard_mcmunn_ Startling statistics have been published regarding Lanarkshire. This is just one location in all of the UK, but it makes the need for proper discipline in schools a bright red neon sign. In 2013 770 assaults occurred on education staff members and teachers in Lanarkshire. In South Lanarkshire 213 attacks occurred on staff members in which 181 were physical and 32 were verbal. The most attacks happened in North Lanarkshire at 557.

The issue was assessed as part of an arrest of a 15 year old boy, in Leeds. He was arrested in connection with a teacher stabbing in which 61 year old Ann Maguire was killed. The Unison Union survey managed to reveal that violence at schools is out of control. The number was even up since 2012 and yet nothing was done about it.

Some of the Violence Issues

Not all violence against teachers is due to lack of discipline, but more a lack of intervention and understanding. Most of the incidents at least in this area are directly related to primary aged students who need additional support. These are cases in which early intervention could prevent the actions from occurring such as gaining behavioural support for their learning disabilities or any disorders they may have. Adapted curriculum, multi agency support, and adapted activities can also help. Proper training and guidance for teachers and staff dealing with behavioural issues or perhaps learning disabilities would also lessen the issues seen. The fact is this is just one area of the UK. It is also an area that has a reason behind students perhaps being a little more violent than other primary students. It does not touch on the violence and discipline of students who are taught to know better and actually do know better but refuse to care.

How to become a Teacher

Amoral Children Coming out of Schools

One article has stated that state schools are turning out students who are extremely amoral. Rather than placing emphasis on right and wrong, these state schools are focusing on academics, which put too much pressure on students to excel rather than the value of another life.

There are others who believe that it is the parents’ job to discipline their children and that teachers should have no hand in teaching proper discipline. There is a definite issue in any school system with regards to discipline and teachers need more back-up not only from parents’, but the school system to stop outrageous issues like teacher deaths, hundreds of assaults or just blatant interruption of class time.

There Are Students Who Want to Learn

Some students go to school wishing to learn and it is highly aggravating for those students to find their class time interrupted because other students are getting away with disruptions due to a lack of ability to enforce proper discipline.

It is not just the teachers who seek more control over students in a proper measurement of discipline, but also the students who actually hope to learn and gain a proper life outside of school.

Just a few short months ago the Government announced they would provide more support for teachers. It is now possible to use reasonable measures in schools to discipline students. A new handbook with proper disciplinary actions is in place, but it still needs support from the majority to be put firmly in place and to work.

Parents’ and Realisation

Parent helping son with homework

Parents’ certainly have a large role in disciplining their children. They are the main line for disciplinary action, but they also must accept teachers or any adult needs to have the support of providing discipline as fits the situation. If a person is disrupting a place of business police can be called and the child, teenager, or adult can be removed from the premises.

Schools should be able to have a measure of discipline that fits the child’s age and does not involve corporal punishment. There are numerous ways that discipline can occur and that is what the UK Government has proposed of late.

It is time for parents to get on board as news articles indicate. It is also time for school boards to distribute the new policies proposed by the Government. Disciplinary actions being proposed are not rulers or beatings, but simply measures that a child can learn right and wrong from.

New Resources are Coming Online

Several online websites are also supporting new methods for discipline and the way to do so without going against disciplinary policies in schools. With the government highlighting disputes and discipline issues it seems back up is slowly on the way.