Ensure You Don’t Lose Your Job At The Office Christmas Party

richard_mcmunn_entrepreneurEveryone at one time or another in their life worries about their job position in the work environment. Few people have the luxury of knowing they are indispensable. This is especially troubling as the end of the year rolls around and the office Christmas party is on the horizon. You don’t want your “party animal” side to cost you your future with the company after being too drunk at a work function.

How to not lose your job at the office Christmas party

Even with all the efforts an individual puts into the daily demands of the job, there is still no guarantee that extenuating circumstances will not cause the loss of a job. However, there is still some good news amongst all of this negativity. By learning certain things, you can at the very least put yourself in a more secure position.

Year-end parties and social gatherings often put even more pressure on an individual, as each person tries to have a good time without creating a bad impression. Of course, while you can’t be fired for being drunk at a work party, you can be for the action you took while so impaired!

the office christmas party

The following are 13 tips on how to conduct yourself in social environments, without displaying behaviour patterns that could jeopardise your future in the company

  1. Understanding your role within the company hierarchy is important. This way you will not overstep your boundaries and will subconsciously conduct yourself in a more mindful manner.
  2. Communicating with respect is another element to watch out for. Just because you are in a social environment does not mean your boss is now your new best buddy. There is still an unspoken rule that requires you to address your bosses with less familiarity than you would address your colleagues.
  3. Keep your drinking to a happy medium and don’t give in to the need to keep up with everyone else. Too much drinking will usually lead to a “loose tongue” and that is a bad position to be in. Remember that anything said cannot be taken back. Even if what you are saying is complimentary in style, it would not come off as very genuine with all that alcohol in you.
  4. Don’t end up like this guy at the office Christmas party:

    the office christmas party

  5. Even when you are focused on having fun, remember to live up to your professional reputation. Do not do or say anything that would create doubt in your boss’s mind. Letting your hair down does not necessarily mean behaving like a total idiot. Remember to behave in a dignified and polite manner at all times
  6. When in the immediate company of higher ranking personnel, be sure to curb your need to be vocal and opinionated. Train yourself to listen more than talk. That way when you do say something, it will be worth listening to and taking note of.
  7. Use this opportunity to build your network. This would be the ideal time to make friends with people from different departments and form good liaisons. These connections will come in handy and will certainly contribute positively to your career advancement chances.
  8. Circulate and meet as many people as possible, but remember not to spend too much time with less than desirable groups in case you suffer the consequences of “guilt by association”. At the same time, it is not wise to intentionally ostracise any one based on their particular attitude or behaviour. Simply make your connections short when and if the situations merit discretion.
  9. Unless you are held back by an emergency that required your immediate attention at work, take the trouble to be at the party on time. Being on time is a very important virtue to develop as it would definitely show up favourably if anyone was making observations.
  10. Remember to still enjoy yourself!

    the office Christmas party

  11. When you make introductions or are introduced to someone, take the time to really pay attention to the name and any other relevant information shared. Maintaining eye contact will show that you are genuinely interested in making the acquaintance and will give the other party a chance to feel welcomed and special.
  12. The office party is not designed as a watering hole or as a pickup joint. Therefore, keep your encounters friendly but go home alone. Any dates should ideally be reserved for another more appropriate time and place. Always keep in mind, romantic relationships within the office can get complicated in the light of day, and you may end up really regretting getting involved with someone from work. If things turn nasty, you career could be in jeopardy.
  13. The office Christmas party is not the place to tell dirty and loud jokes. It not only shows you in a less that pleasant light, but can also be very uncomfortable for those around.
  14. The same goes for the kind of language used when you are busy socialising at the office party. Even though the occasion calls for a relaxed and happy mood, you should not tarnish your professional image by using degrading remarks and terms or foul language. Here again such behaviour will reflect badly on your professionalism.
  15. Office parties are not the place to bring uninvited guests. Even if you have to accommodate someone from out of town who paid you a surprise visit, bringing the person to the office party is not acceptable etiquette. Besides this, there is also the problem of keeping your guest under control if he/she has had just a little too much to drink. Any embarrassing situation will reflect badly on you.

Don’t get fired at the office Christmas Party – A Conclusion

So, those are our 13 tips for how not to lose your job at the office Christmas party! As you can see, you will be okay if you exercise common sense. If in doubt, go into the occasion with the same mindset you go into work with, and treat it like a work day. Do this, and you won’t wake up embarrassed after a work party again.

Remember though, the reason your company organises a Christmas party is to reward everyone for their hard work during the year. Enjoy yourself and get into the festive spirit(s)!

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the office christmas party

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