The Qualities Required To Become Cabin Crew

The Qualities Required To Become Cabin Crew

Members of cabin crew have two main roles in their job; these are the safety of all the passengers and delivering great customer service. Cabin crew must have excellent interpersonal skills and these will be assessed throughout the selection process and will play an important part in your overall success.

The main focus of the role of cabin crew will always be on safety. A serious decision to evacuate the aircraft will always rest with the cockpit crew, but the cabin crew have the responsibility to oversee the evacuation and make sure that this is carried out according to the rules and procedures. The key role of cabin crew remains exactly as it always has been, and that is to keep all the passengers safe. The cabin crew are obliged to provide a safety briefing before the flight and to ensure that the passengers pay attention to it. If an emergency situation arises the cabin crew are trained to help the passengers leave the aircraft swiftly and safely.

The cabin crew can make or break the reputation of an airline. They must be well-presented, be professional and make a good impression on passengers to encourage them to us the same airline again in the future. Airline companies know that passengers who experience bad customer service from cabin crew will change the airline they use; it’s as simple as that.

This is why airline companies look for future cabin crew members who go to the assessment and interview with their eyes open to what the role of cabin crew is all about. They will want them to have shown an interest in the airline they have applied to, by knowing some history about the airline and where they fly to and from. They must be people who work well in a group and that have a friendly, confident and caring nature.


Before you attend the assessments and cabin crew interview it is vital that you understand the role and also understand the key qualities required to carry out the role competently. Let’s take a look at a sample cabin crew job description and person specification.


Sample cabin crew job description

Cabin crew are required to provide exceptional customer service before, during and after the flight. In addition to this they are responsible for the safety of themselves, the safety of the other crew members and most importantly, the safety of the passengers. Cabin crew are trained to a very high standard to deal with emergency situations and to also administer first aid when necessary.

Cabin crew will carry out a number of pre-flight checks which include assessing all safety equipment and ensuring that the aisles and safety routes are clear from obstructions. They will then welcome on board the passengers and conduct a role call once all luggage is safely stored away and secured.

Following pre-flight safety briefings, cabin crew will serve refreshments to passengers, serve up drinks and also offer duty free goods and services. They will also deal with any passenger complaints and also deal with any other issues as and when they arise during the flight.

Qualities of cabin crew

The different qualities required to become cabin crew are many and varied; however, the following will give you a very good idea of the type of qualities and attributed you will need in order to become successful in the role:

A safety-conscious attitude

You will be responsible for the safety of the passengers, and as such, you will need to work in an organised and safe manner. You will also need the ability to learn and retain large amounts of job-related information, procedures and training.


Cabin crew need to be very flexible in order to meet the demands and expectations of the role. Although you will receive your flying roster a few weeks before your scheduled flights, it is important that your diary is kept free to meet the roster. You may also be required to be on standby and be available to fly at short notice to cover sickness etc.

Calm approach and ability to work under pressure

Despite the perceived glamour of the role, cabin crew do work in sometimes extremely pressurised situations. Passengers can sometimes be very difficult to deal with and you will need a calm approach when dealing with passengers. You will need the ability to deal with complaints effectively whilst keeping your focus on the key elements of the role at all times.


Team working capabilities

Cabin crew very rarely work with the same people each day. You will find that you work with a large amount of different people during your career. Cabin crew teams vary one day to the next. Therefore, you must have the ability to work with everyone, regardless of their gender, background, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.



Pride in appearance

It goes without saying, but you must be capable of looking after yourself and taking a pride in your appearance. Some airlines will place more emphasis on this attribute than others.

Ability to follow procedures

Cabin crew must be able to work unsupervised and follow procedures religiously. Safety is absolutely paramount to the role and you will be expected to follow your training to the letter. You will have many rules and procedures to absorb during your training and therefore, an ability to learn and retain a large amount of job-related information is absolutely necessary.

Excellent customer service skills

Air cabin crew staff must have exceptional customer service skills. The competition within the airline industry is extremely fierce and as such, each airline is competing for every passenger. One of the most important elements of customer satisfaction is the level of service a passenger receives from the airline cabin crew staff. If an airline can get this part right, passengers will not only come back to them in the future, they will also recommend them to other would be passengers.

Organisational skills

Cabin crew staff must be organised both in their personal lives and their work lives. You will need to keep an organised diary to make sure you are available to meet your flying roster and you will also have to work in an organised manner before, during and after the flight. You will have check-lists to follow pre-flight and you will have certain procedures to follow during the flight. Being organised is all part and parcel of being a competent cabin crew member.

Numerical competence

Cabin crew need to be competent in the use of basic arithmetic. During the flight you will need to work with money when selling duty free goods and refreshments. You will also have to have an understanding of currency rates and conversions. Whilst you do not need to be a mathematician to become cabin crew, you should have a good basic understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Being a role model for the airline

This attribute is very similar to customer service skills. The airline wants you to promote them in the best possible light. Therefore, how you behave whilst at work, and also whilst away from work, are very important.

Excellent communication skills

Cabin crew have to be able to communicate with the following groups of people:

– Cockpit crew

– Passengers

– Other cabin crew team members

– Airport staff and representatives

Of course, there will be other people they will have to communicate with during their career; however, the above four groups are the main people they will come in to contact with during their day-to-day duties. Their communication skills must be excellent. Let’s assume that there’s a safety issue with the aircraft during the flight and you are required to communicate a safety message to the passengers using the public address (PA) system. It is essential that you remain calm and communicate the message in a confident and concise manner. If the passengers detect any hint of stress or concern in your voice, they will become agitated.


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