Richard’s Top Tips For Writing A Powerful CV

Top Tips For Writing A Powerful CV

During this video recruitment expert Richard McMunn will provide you with some essential tips for writing a CV that is guaranteed to get you to interview. It will provide you will all of Richard’s Top Tips For Writing A Powerful CV.

I would estimate that 80% of people who submit their CV do not get any kind of response; in essence, they have been unsuccessful. What is even more alarming is that many job-seekers will submit many scores of CV’s each week, yet they never receive a response. Whilst I fully understand how frustrating and demotivating this can be there is a solution to the problem. In order to help you create a CV that is virtually guaranteed of getting you an interview I will first of all list the two most common mistakes that many of us make.

Mistake #1 – The same CV for every job application

If a CV fails for one job application then it is highly likely it will fail for every other job it is submitted for. Job seekers are, in my opinion, too lazy when it comes to creating a CV. They create one CV and then submit it to loads of different jobs.

Mistake #2 – The CV is moulded around the person applying for the job

This may sound crazy, but too many of us create a CV around ourselves when, in fact, we should be creating a CV around the job we are applying for. 

 There is a very simple way to rectify the above two problems:

How to create a powerful CV

Solution #1 – One job application = one CV

You should create a different CV for job you are applying for. Although this can be extremely time consuming, your chances of success will increase tenfold. An employer wants to see a CV that is a perfect fit for their company and the role that have advertised. The only way you will achieve this is to create a CV specifically for the job you are applying for. 

Solution #2 – Use keywords and phrases from the job description and person specification within your CV

When you apply for a job make an effort to get hold of the job description and the person specification. Once you have these documents, take a highlighter pen and highlight the key requirements of the job and also the key qualities and attributes required to perform the job to a high standard. Once you have highlighted these important areas, be sure to include them within your CV. 

If you follow the information and above and also the advice contained within the video your chances of success will greatly increase.



The guide will provide you with simple step-by-step instructions on how to write a CV, including sample CV templates and an online video tutorial.

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