Trainability For Rules And Procedures Test

The Trainability For Rules And Procedures Test

As part of the trainee train driver selection process you will be required to undertake what is called a Trainability for Rules & Procedures (TRP) Test. The test itself is usually undertaken by candidates using pen & paper and consists of two main elements. 

The train operating company use this type of test to assess how you learn and retain new information; something which is integral to the role of a train driver. When you become a trainee train driver and you start to learn all of the new routes and the traction training, you will need to retain large amounts of job specific information and this test assesses your ability to do just that.

About the Trainability For Rules And Procedures Test

The first part of the TRP test involves a requirements to listen to and read a long train-related topic. You need to listen to the passage and read the document whilst taking notes on the key elements that are contained within the passage. After a five minute period you will need to hand in your notes and then answer a series of questions about the passage. 

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We strongly advise that you write down some notes as it is a proven fact that you will retain information for longer if you write it down. In total there are approximately 18 questions for you to answer and these are multiple-choice in nature.

The second part of the TRP test involves a requirement to answer questions from a booklet. In the booklet there are approximately forty questions containing a series of printed dials. It is your job to work through the dials and answer the questions related to them. For example, you may be given a picture of a dial and a key which determines what will happen if a dial points to a specific sections.

For example, take a look at the following 3 dials which all point to a specific area. You will also notice that each dial contains 3 different coloured sections and key table (priority for checking) which determines what you need to do and in which order:


It is your job to look carefully at the series of 3 dials and the arrows and decide which of the multiple-choice answer options is correct. In relation to the above 3 dials, and the corresponding priority checking table, the correct answer would be LMR.

The left dial (L) must be checked first because the arrow is located through black shading, followed by the middle dial (M) and finally the right dial (R).

The TRP test is harder that the first part; however, if you try out practice questions that are similar to the real ones during your preparation for trainee train driver selection then your chances of passing will increase greatly.




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