Understanding The Star Interview Technique

Watch this video as Richard McMunn explains what the Star Method is and how to use it to effectively answer interview questions and increase your chances of success.

S – What was the situation? 

T – What was the task? What had to be done? 

A – What action did you take? And what action did others take?

R – What was the result following your actions? 

Video Transcript: 


I’m going to teach you a very powerful method that you can use when responding do situational interview questions. This is a process that I’ve used many, many times when both preparing for interviews and also in actually responding to the interview questions and I would urge you to follow this method because it allows you to respond to the questions in an effective manner. Many interviewers will accesses you against your communications standards and using The Start Method is a great way to make sure that you score high in that particular area.


So, straight into it, what does STAR actually mean?

Well, it’s basically broken down into four specific areas. S stands for situation. So when you are responding to the situational interview question you will first of all, explain what the situation was. You would say the situation was I was required to do x, y and z. The next part is you explain what the task was and what had to be done. So I was required to do x, y and z.

Then you move onto what action you took and also what action other people other took and remember the interviews all about you so it’s important that you focus primarily on what action you took but you may also need to explain what other people did especially if it was in a team scenario setting. And then, finally, you will explain what the result was following your actions and a very important tip here is to always make sure the result is positive following your actions. So what you did, make sure the outcome is positive and that’s a great way to make sure that you score high during situational job interview questions.

Now, I strongly recommend that when you’re preparing for any kind of interview, is that you use these methods. So get yourself a sheet of A4 paper, and on the left hand side write down STAR. Write the question across the top and then use bullet points to write out how you intend to respond to the questions.


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