What Changes Will Happen In The Gaming Industry By 2020?

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The gaming industry is bigger and more popular now than ever before. The last 5-10 years have seen unprecedented levels of progress in technology, and the gaming industry has reaped the positive benefits of this. Billions of pounds are spent on video games every single year. With such rapid progress being made, it stands to reason that by 2020 the industry will look extremely different. In this blog, we’ll investigate what changes will happen in the gaming industry by 2020.

The Future of the Gaming Industry

With technology expanding at such a rapid pace, it goes without saying that by the year 2020 we’ll have a wealth of new tools to explore. In relation to the gaming industry, there are many different avenues that this could take. These include:

-The extinction of physical games. Already we are seeing game developers take the ‘cloud computing’ approach, whereupon physical disc based games are being discarded in favour of internet/console downloading. While this is a relatively new concept, and is still subject to fairly slow download speeds, by 2020 it should be extremely fast and easy to download games direct from consoles, rather than going out and buying them/waiting for a delivery.

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-More paid DLC. This is a sad but likely fact. It might not make gamers happy but the reality is that staying afloat in the gaming industry these days is extremely tough. For that reason, more and more developers are turning to DLC in order to make money. By 2020, you can expect a major increase in paid DLC, as companies strive to make more money, in order to incorporate new expensive technology.

-Virtual Reality Headsets. This is a new and exciting feature which is already starting to make the rounds within the industry. The idea of virtual reality headsets has been suggested since the very dawn of the console, but has only recently come to fruition. We know that the biggest game developers are now exploring with VR headsets, in a bid to bring consumers closer to the action.

-New consoles. Today’s biggest consoles, Xbox and Playstation have 7-10 year life cycles. Given we are currently in 2016, and the last release was 2 years ago, by 2020 we will be on the verge of the latest console releases. The PS4 and Xbox One brought with them enormous graphical updates and changes, and we can only expect the new consoles (combined with new technology) to bring more of this.

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-4k Resolution. YouTube has already started to roll out 4k resolution, albeit only a small number of monitors can handle it. The likelihood is that by 2020, 4k monitors will be commonplace. The new consoles and games will almost certainly be using 4K resolution, a huge step up from the standard 1080p that we are currently using.

-Connecting with other technology. The Xbox One has already taken huge leaps in this regard, turning the console into more of a home entertainment system than simply one designed for games. By 2020, you can expect gaming systems to be all encompassing; allowing you to watch TV, connect with your mobile phone, music player and maybe even control switches in your house!

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