Why Working with Animals is Always So Popular

Why Working with Animals is Always So Popular

Working with animalsWorking with animals is one of the most sought after jobs among young and old. With the limited number of jobs currently available it is very interesting that the desire to work with animals has not decreased, even though it can be extremely unglamorous.This love of animals begins when we are children begging our parents for our first pets, promising that we will be completely responsible for the animal, feeding it and walking it and in most cases of course this eventually falls to the parents.

So from our earliest development a love of animals is instilled. For some this may be limited to the idea that animals are cute and friendly but for others this can lead to a dream to work with animals on a regular basis. There are a couple of ways to go about this. Firstly it is a great idea to look into volunteering at your local vet, animal shelter or even a zoo if you are lucky enough to have one close by.

You can do this while you are still at school, it will give you a good idea if you are cut out for this kind of hard and often emotionally trying work. While working at a zoo or vet can give you insight into the more business orientated side of working with animals, you may gain considerably more by maintaining a regular volunteer schedule at an animal shelter.

All of this volunteer work will be a big draw on your CV, and in such a competitive job market you will need all the help that you can get. Some of the sites you might like to look at for information include www.rspca.org.uk, www.rspb.org.uk, www.dogstrust.org.uk and www.wildlifetrusts.org. If after volunteering you decide that you would like a career with animals you may choose to get a qualification like a NVQ in animal management. It is also possible to get into various professions in the animal world through apprenticeships; you can find more information on www.apprenticeships.org.uk.

The joy of working with animalsAs you begin to look for jobs working with animals in zoos or vets you will find that the jobs are very limited, but the good news is that if you undertake work in advance you will put yourself in an excellent position to find a job that you will love. Part of this is doing volunteer work to show that you have real desire and drive to work with animals. From here it is a good idea to get your foot in the door; if jobs are limited you might think about volunteering at a place where you might like to later be employed. That way, when a vacancy opens up you are right at the front of the line.

With so many families and individuals falling on hard times and being forced to take on jobs that they hate, the possibility of working in a field that you love is a wonderful luxury that should be sought after and not taken for granted, even if the work can be a bit dirty on occasion.

One of the most sought after careers that involves working with animals is that of a police dog handler. Jobs are few and far between and when a place becomes available competition is extremely fierce. Not only is it challenging but also very rewarding and those that embark on this career don’t often leave. The difficulty is that you cannot just apply for the position of a dog handler outright you need to have been a police officer before you will even be considered for the post.


Become a Police Dog HandlerThere are of course other dog related careers such as the army and RAF but a police dog handler is the one most people are familiar with. If you are already a police officer then follow the advice above and make yourself known to the dog unit or find a local force that does and spend some time with them.

Think about how you can stand out from other candidates when the position becomes available. If you are interested in working with animals and want to find out more we offer a complete guide to becoming a dog handler in the police which covers every aspect about the career with insider advice.