What Is It Like Working As Part Of A Cabin Crew Team

Working As Part Of A Cabin Crew Team

Part of the role of cabin crew involves a requirement to work effectively as part of a team. In the majority of cases you will not work with the same cabin crew team day-in, day-out. Instead, there will be times when you arrive at the cabin crew briefing to find that your team colleagues are people you have never worked with before. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you can work with anyone within the airline team. Working as a member of a Cabin Crew team   In addition to working with other cabin crew, you will also need to communicate with, and work alongside, other members of the airline team, such as the pilot, co-pilot and baggage handling staff at the airport. Working as a team involves the following aspects: – Ensuring that all passengers are accounted for on-board the aircraft; – Serving refreshments throughout the flight; – Carrying out safety demonstrations; – Ensuring that all passengers are safe and their needs are met; – Liaising with the cockpit crew and providing them with refreshments; – Communicating messages to the passengers on behalf of the pilot or the senior member of the cabin crew staff. Prior to the passengers getting on-board the aircraft the cabin crew team must ensure that the cabin is prepared for take-off. In some cases it will be the responsibility of the cabin crew staff to work together to clean parts of the cabin. Example Cabin Crew team structure cabin-crew-structure Whilst in-flight it will be the members of the cabin crew team who will prepare the meals for passengers and also ensure that any special dietary requirements are met. All UK airlines want to improve teamwork amongst their staff as it is a proven fact that effective teamwork improves customer service and also reduces accidents and emergency situations. Within the industry it is called synergism – it is the process by which members of the cabin crew team work together in order to achieve the tasks that go on to make the overall goal, which is to get the passengers to their end destination on time and in a safe manner. Airlines understand that one of the most important aspects of passenger retention is the level of customer service they receive. If the customer service is excellent then passengers will come back time and time again. During the selection process for becoming cabin crew you will be assessed on your ability to work as part of a team. For example, at the interview it is likely you will be asked a question such as: “Can you provide the panel with an example of when you have worked effectively as part of a team to achieve a common goal?” When responding to this question it is vital you provide a SPECIFIC example of where you worked in this type of situation in a previous work-related role.