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KEY STAGE 2: Maths Is Easy Practice Papers

KS2 Maths is Easy: Practice Papers - Full Sets 1 & 2 is the ULTIMATE new resource on the market to ensure your child gets the best preparation for their SATs. This unique practice papers book contains 2 x Arithmetic sample papers and 4 x Reasoning sample papers - 6 realistic mock exams in total! Also included is the detailed marking scheme to how your child will be assessed and how you can track their progress with ease. These papers have been designed with the NEW SATs curriculum in mind and have been designed to help your child achieve 100%.

KEY STAGE 2: Maths Is Easy Practice Papers.

KS2 Maths Practice Papers SATs

Revision for Key Stage 2 Maths! The ULTIMATE workbook to practice for your Maths SATs.

Our comprehensive tests guide will help your child ACHIEVE 100 in their all-important SATs. Includes the full marking scheme!

Whilst SATs are a daunting, disliked and let’s be honest, boring concept; they remain an imperative part of children’s education. Children should be provided with the best tools and practice to enhance their intellectual ability and improve their performance.

How can our children prepare for their SATs? How can children improve their knowledge and ability? How can children meet the standard level of expectation? Questions that many parents and/or guardians should be asking themselves, and much to your fulfillment, we have the answer! Practice! It is that simple!

Here at How2become, we have carefully designed a guide that is packed full of sample questions to aid your child to success!

An Essential Guide for Practising KS2 Maths SATS!

What Are SATs?

The journey of education challenges pupils to great standards to ensure their pupils are working towards the required level regarding their age. As part of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum, children are expected to undertake Standard Assessment Tests, commonly known as the SATs.

SATs are given to pupils at the end of years 2, 6 and 9 to compare children’s progression in different core subjects. These SATs allow for the education system to determine a mean (average) score for each age group based on children’s performance as a whole.

Preparation, Practice, And Perseverance!

Amidst the education system, children will have to partake in several assessments in which to monitor their progress.

Here at How2become, we believe the three KEY things to remember in regards to SATs and examinations is Preparation, Practice, and Perseverance!

By preparing for every eventuality in which you will encounter, will allow you to be confident enough to tackle these assessments head on; the only way this can be achieved is through practice and persevering!

The more practice you encounter, the better you will score! Persevering through practice papers and sample questions will guarantee to improve your knowledge and ability, and, therefore, will prepare you for your assessment!

Meet The Superheros!

Let’s meet the characters!

Unlike any other practice papers, our practice papers contain five superhero characters that will guarantee to keep the interest of your child a little longer!

Some of the maths questions in this book are based on problems one of the superheroes is facing, and it is your child who needs to help them out!

KS2 Maths Practice Papers: Example Questions And Answers

Sample SATs Questions – Please note: the actual layout of the SATs can be seen below the sample questions in our own KS2 Maths SATs Guide.

A Book That Every Child Should Have!

The only way your child can fully prepare for their SATs is to undergo as much practice as possible leading up their exams. Our How2become Key Stage 2 Practice Papers is a great way for your child to get ahead of the game and better their performance.

The IDEAL guide for children aged 7 to 11 who are about to, or will be sitting their Maths SATs exams. Our guide contains an array of different questions, each of a different difficulty level to prepare your child for every type of question that they could face within the exam.

No maths question is too difficult; all it takes is a little bit of time and practice! Achieve 100%!

Key Stage 2 Maths Is Easy: Practice Papers – Guide Contents

Written and created by the UK’s leading recruitment experts; this comprehensive revision guide includes:

  • Great Value – a book that is worth every penny! This book provides two sets of practice papers for your child to work through.
  • Similar to that of the Real SATs! – This guide has been carefully laid out to provide your child with papers that will look similar to that of their real SATs!
  • Instructions to Use the Papers – this book talks you through using the practice papers and how to work through the guide to ensure you make the most out of your practice papers.
  • Guidance for Parents – included in this book our top tips and information for parents to ensure they are doing their utmost to provide their child with the best possible preparation.
  • Fun-loving Superhero Characters – complete with our superheroes to not only make maths more fun, to keep your child engaged and interacted with mathematics.
  • The COMPLETE Practice Papers – packed full of instructions, guidance, testing papers and a marking scheme to guarantee to improve your child’s scores in their Maths SATs.

Designed in the Style of the ACTUAL SATS

The tests within this book have been carefully designed to replicate what your child will face in their real SAT assessment. Included are:

  • Two Full SAT mock exams – plus bonus tips and guidance for parents;
  • Detailed marking scheme based on the real thing;
  • Explanations to all of the questions to ensure you can help your child improve;
  • Tips from a maths school teacher.

When you order you will receive the following free bonus:



When you order your product you will automatically receive 30-days FREE ACCESS

to our awesome online KS2 Maths is Easy Testing Suite. You will instantly receive an email containing an username and password that entitles you to use this powerful testing suite where you can try out sample tests that are very similar to the actual KS2 Maths Tests! After the 30-day free trial is over the service is automatically charged at just £5.95 plus vat with no minimum term. You may cancel any time. See our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. This testing suite can be accessed on Windows PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices.

You will get FREE 30-days access to practice of KS2 Maths tests that will help you achieve success during the actual test!

KEY STAGE 2: Maths Is Easy Practice Papers

KS2 Maths Practice Papers SATs

Everything Your Child Will Need For The Revised And Updated SATs Exams!


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KEY STAGE 2: Maths Practice Papers
KEY STAGE 2: Maths Practice Papers

The Definitive KS2 Maths Revision Book

  • 2 x Arithmetic sample papers and 4 x Reasoning sample papers - 6 realistic mock exams in total!
  • Detailed marking scheme to how your child will be assessed and how you can track their progress with ease.
  • Full of detailed explanations for all questions.
  • Designed with the NEW SATs curriculum in mind
  • Guidance and top tips from maths teachers for KS2 Maths - for both children and the parents.
  • Order now for only £8.97+ P&P