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As part of the Royal Navy selection process you will be required to pass what is called a ‘Recruiting Test’ which includes a spatial reasoning test, a verbal ability test, a numerical reasoning test and a mechanical comprehension test. Get INSTANT ACCESS NOW to 100s of online Royal Navy recruiting test questions!



As part of the Royal Navy selection process you will be required to pass the Royal Navy Recruiting Test.

The test covers the following four areas:

  • A reasoning test
  • A verbal ability test
  • A numeracy test
  • A mechanical reasoning test


The tests are usually carried out at the Armed Forces Careers Office and will be under strict timed conditions. Details of the time restrictions and number of questions per exercise will be provided in your recruitment literature.

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The most effective way to prepare for the Royal Navy tests is to carry out lots of sample test questions over a prolonged period of time. The majority of candidates will cram in their preparation the night before the test. We strongly advise against this. Use an action plan in order to build in plenty of targeted practice time.

During the actual Recruiting Test you will have a set amount of time in which to answer the questions and there will be a number of options to choose from. The tests are usually multiple choice in nature so if you find that you are running out of time towards the end of the test, take a guess!

You have one in five chance of getting it correct. You will not lose any marks for incorrect answers.

Useful Tips – Royal Navy Tests

Here are some useful tips for helping you to pass the tests:

  • Get a Good Sleep - In the build up to the Royal Navy test get plenty of good quality sleep. If you are feeling tired and grouchy on the day of your test then you will not perform to your optimum ability.
  • Avoid Caffeine - On the day before the test and also on the actual day of the test avoid caffeine and/or alcohol. Drink plenty of water so that your concentration levels are at their peak.
  • Special Requirements - If you have any special needs such as dyslexia or otherwise then be sure to inform the recruiting officer at the AFCO beforehand. They should give you more time during the test.
  • Don’t Give Up - If you think you’ve performed poorly on a particular test try to put it behind you. The Recruiting Test is just one part of the entire Royal Navy selection process and you may be able to gain better scores in the other testing areas.
  • Ask Questions - At the commencement of the test listen very carefully to the instructions and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure.
  • Speed - Work quickly through each of the test questions and do not spend too much time on one particular question. Let’s assume that you have 15 minutes in which to answer 30 questions. On average this equates to 30 seconds per question. If you find that you are spending 40 seconds or more on some questions then you are probably taking too long, and you will run out of time before you reach the end of the test.

If you are finding a question too difficult then simply leave it and move on to the next question. Be sure to leave a gap on the answer sheet for any questions that you’ve missed.

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Spatial Reasoning Test 01

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Spatial Reasoning Test 04

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Verbal Reasoning Test 01

Verbal Reasoning Test 02

Verbal Reasoning Test 03

Verbal Reasoning Test 04

Verbal Reasoning Test 05

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Work Rate Test 01

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