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Thinking About Leaving Your Job?

Are you thinking about leaving your job?
Or are you unhappy at work but don’t really understand why?
If this sounds like you, this book will help you to consider your future options in a systematic way using a range of techniques to produce the outcome that you really want, written by someone who has been there and done exactly that.

Thinking About Leaving Your Job?


Are you thinking about leaving your job?

Or are you unhappy at work but don’t really understand why?

If this sounds like you, this book will help you to consider your future options in a systematic way using a range of techniques to produce the outcome that you really want, written by someone who has been there and done exactly that.

Leaving your job can be a troubling time; a time that produces great stress and anxiety. However, it can also be a great opportunity to try a new direction and new experiences. But how can you decide which direction to take and what to do next in a world of seemingly endless possibilities?

Here’s where this book can help you.

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Written by award-winning social entrepreneur Peter Kelleher when he left a 30 year career in the police service, the book prepares you for change and encourages you to think through your possible options in a structured and methodical way. You are not alone on your journey and this highly personal account of his experience of leaving a lengthy career presents a range of tools, tips and techniques to smooth your own path.

You will discover:

  • That there are different appetites for risk and these can affect your decisions
  • Why your underlying values are important in helping you make the correct choices
  • How you can unearth these and make them visible
  • When you should start planning your transition
  • Why the timing of your move could be important
  • How to develop your plan to ensure that almost nothing is left to chance
  • A little known method of assessing whether your new direction is safe from external shocks
  • That stretching a little out of your comfort zone can have many benefits

...and much, much more!

One of the methods for figuring out what might be good for you has been borrowed from the world of industry and is called SWOT analysis.

This stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats and can help you to work out what might be possible for you in your immediate future. Within the book, we work through this technique in a structured way to help you decide what is right for you.

It’s never too early (or too late!) to start planning your exit however, there are a range of things to consider and many decisions to take. Some of these will have a critical effect on your future and you will not want to get them wrong.

Wouldn’t it be better, rather than going it alone, to have an experienced mentor in your corner?

  • Someone who has successfully been through the type of change that you are facing;
  • Someone who can provide the tools and techniques necessary to guide you safely through the challenges that are to come;
  • Someone who could provide a challenge your thinking to ensure that you are on the right track for you.

This book does that and much more. Here are some comments from people that have read it:

“I've read a lot of books on change. I retired in 2012. I spent 2013 making poor decisions and spending money unwisely. Peter's book came out in 2014. In contrast to those other books, Peter's is not turgid and I didn't feel like I was wading through treacle trying to figure out the message. So now I can start again and, with Peter's toolkit, place a bit more structure around my thought-processes leading to my decision-making and be a little less impulsive. His self-effacing and candid style make the book a pleasure to read.”

Paul Durston

“I found this book to be an' easy read'. Whilst offering practical tips it also offers food for thought and the book enables you to dip in and out quickly if you want to recap on certain thoughts. To me this is a work book, an activity book which helped me gain an understanding as to where I am in my quest for ‘change’. Tip; use a pencil. You find that as you progress through the book you might want to change some of your thoughts and ideas.”

M. Stewart

“This is a compact and concise smart guide book. It is easy to pick up and dip into any of the 12 chapters. An easy read and I particularly like the fact that there is lined space to write your thoughts and ideas down. Also as a trainer, it is good to see that the author has thought about learning, this can take place as the reader has the option to write down and review their key learning points at the end of each chapter.”


“Pete has thoroughly researched his field and willingly lends his experiences to those who are contemplating what is for anyone, an uncertain step. He guides and suggests leaving the individual clearer to decide what is the right path for them.”

Mark Sutton

“Peter Kelleher has really helpful tips and advice for anyone thinking about leaving the public sector and starting a new career. Changing jobs can be a very daunting prospect; however dissatisfied you are with your current role sometimes it feels easier to stay where you are and do nothing. Peter takes you by the hand and gently guides you through the process. If you are thinking about leaving you job, this book is an excellent place to start. I have found it very useful and I highly recommend it.”

Jon Clarke

“Peter takes us through his very personal account and journey from public sector to the other side! He shares his decision making processes and the challenges of making that transition. He does this with humour, insight and practical exercises to ultimately support others going through the same decision making process. A refreshing and interesting approach to personal development.”

Dawn Moss

“Pete has clearly researched this aspect of life and leads the reader thru' the issues that occur when leaving your job, but also gives a no nonsense insight into the path he has took to ensure the reader is empowered to make their own decisions.”


“Peter Kelleher knows his stuff - he really has been there, done that, folded up the T-shirt and put it away in storage (he seems far too prudent a man ever to burn stuff...). And that's really the key to his book - he knows first-hand what he is writing about, and he appreciates just how difficult and edgy it can feel to reassess your career options when you've been travelling one well-worn path for a number of years - or even for decades. Young people now are taught that they must be flexible, and that they should anticipate changing jobs and even careers three or four times in their working lives at the very least. That wasn't the case even a very few years ago - and it particularly wasn't the case for those working in the public sector. The speed and extent of change to the working landscape for public sector workers has been bewildering, to say the least. Thinking About Leaving Your Job? is an extremely helpful, trustworthy, witty and stimulating book, with practical exercises to help those contemplating a career change. If you're feeling you need a shift in focus at work, or if you're standing in the shadow of redundancy, then this is the book for you.”

The Constant Reader

Thinking About Leaving Your Job?


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Thinking About Leaving Your Job?