Do you want to have your firefighter application form checked by a former Fire Officer? Richard McMunn served in the fire service for 17 years in total. Now, he is here to help YOU ensure that your firefighter application form is the very best it can be!

This is the most comprehensive, reliable checking service available. So, don’t miss out on your opportunity to perfect your application, and increase your chances of achieving a job as a firefighter.

Firefighter Application Form Checking Service
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Dear Firefighter applicant,

My name is Richard McMunn and I am a former Fire Officer who served 17 years in Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Before I tell you about my Firefighter Application Form checking service, let me give you one really important tip that will help you to submit a strong application:

The application form is one of the first stages of the firefighter selection process and it is probably the hardest to get through. You will be applying along with many hundreds of other applicants and therefore your application form needs to be outstanding. In order to make your form truly outstanding, you need to have someone knowledgeable and experienced looking over it. As a former Fire Officer, I am the perfect person to help you do this.

how to become a firefighter

Before you even start to complete your firefighter application form, read the following two important notes:

Tip 1
  • Firefighters do not generally retire before their determined retirement date. The reason for this is because it is an exceptional job. Fire Services rarely advertise firefighter posts, so the competition is very fierce when firefighter vacancies do eventually become available. Therefore your application needs to be very good.
Tip 2

Picture the scene – a Fire Service assessor has been marking application forms for the last two weeks. It is late Friday afternoon and they come across your application form. Your application form is hard to read, full of grammar errors and is incomplete in a number of sections. Do you think the form will get through? The answer is no. It is crucial that your application form is concise, easy to read, neat, and completed in all the relevant sections.

Take your time to complete a solid application. If you have the time, spend a week completing the form and answer the assessable questions in draft first before committing pen to paper. If you are completing an online application then complete your responses in draft first using notepad or a similar tool.

Whenever I prepare for something in life I always formulate a ‘plan’. Let’s take a look at how I would personally plan/prepare for the firefighter application form.

  • I would make sure that I read all of the information contained within the guidance notes before I started to complete the application form. I would also highlight the key areas within the guidance notes that I needed to follow. If I did not follow the guidance notes carefully then my application could be rejected.
  • When writing my application, I would make sure that it was easy to read, concise and that it answered the questions exactly as required. It is my job to make the application form easy to mark. If the assessor had been marking scores of applications, then I would want to make it easy for them.

When completing your application form keep a copy of the above points next to you, so that they act as an important reminder.

I am now offering a unique service that will check your application form for grammatical and/or spelling errors, but also provide you with essential INSIDER advice and tips on how to complete your form correctly.

Beat the competition by making sure that your application form is of the highest possible quality!


You may find that the firefighter application form includes a pre-application checklist. This is quite straightforward to complete and usually involves a tick box section.



To have your application form checked and prepared, simply click the BUY NOW button below and then send us your reference number along with your completed application form.

Once your payment has been made you will instantly receive an email explaining where to send your form.

Your firefighter application form will then be checked by former serving Fire Officer Richard McMunn and you will receive comprehensive feedback within 48 hours.


Q. What happens after I have paid for the service?

Once you have paid you will receive an email from us instantly explaining where you need to send your completed application form.

Once we have received it we will email you back to confirm it has been received (usually within 12 hours during normal working hours).

Q. How long will it take you to check my form?

We will return your form to you via email, including feedback, within 48 hours of receiving your completed form. This excludes weekends where there will be a longer wait.

Q. Will you complete my form for me?

No. You must complete the form first and submit it for feedback/checking.

Q. Who checks the form and how qualified are they?

Your form will be checked by a former serving Fire Officer who has 17 years experience.

Q. Can you guarantee that my form will get through?

No, we cannot. However we do have a very high success rate.

If the question you have is not answered above, please contact us at [email protected]