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Be the FIRST to be notified when Police Jobs are advertised in YOUR area!



We have now teamed up with UK police officer recruitment staff to bring you immediate notification of when your local police force is recruiting. We will send you an email as soon as any UK police force opens its doors for recruitment, meaning you will be the first person to be notified so that you can submit your application as soon as possible.

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In England and Wales there are a total of around 128,000 police officers. These police officers have been recruited from all areas of society, although, to apply for the UK police force you must be either a British, EU (or other states within the EEA) or a Commonwealth citizen. Foreign nationals can also apply to the UK police force as long as they have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Be the FIRST to be notified when Police Jobs are advertised in YOUR area!


London’s biggest employer is in fact the Metropolitan Police. They provide nearly 32,000 jobs for police officers alone. Including all the other police forces in England and Wales there are around 128,000 police officer jobs.

It is estimated that over 65,000 people apply each year to become a police officer in the UK and 75% of those people never make it past the initial application stage. With statistics like these it is vital that you gain all the help you can get to put yourself above other candidates.

How to Apply

To apply and become a police officer, each police force within the United Kingdom has its own recruitment process and selection policy – however nationally agreed competency tests are applied across the board for all police forces. Finding out when a police force is recruiting requires constant monitoring of the individual police forces and with so much competition out there, it is important to apply to a position as soon as it becomes available.

Applying – things to remember

  • You can only apply to one police force at a time;
  • Always check the exact eligibility criteria for your chosen police force;
  • Each police force has its own website and recruitment campaign;
  • Different police forces have their own selection processes;
  • Recruitment campaigns aren’t frequent – don’t miss them!

police force is recruiting – Be the first to know


Checking for current and future campaigns is a constant process that takes up a lot of time. How2become’s Job Alert Service does all the hard work for you and will alert you as soon as a job position becomes available. Being the first to know will put you above the competition in applying to become a police officer.

The recruitment phase for police officers can be as little as one day – not weeks as many think. If you are not monitoring the police force’s websites regularly you are likely to miss your opportunity to apply.

Why Choose Our Job Alert Service?

  • All recruitment sites are checked daily.
  • Instant notification – you will be alerted as soon as a new position becomes available via email.
  • Direct link the application form – We will send you a link to apply straight away.
  • Stress and hassle free – we do all the work!

Our aim is to provide you with the application from before anyone else so that you significantly increase your chances of becoming a police officer.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

The POLICE OFFICER JOBS Alert service costs only £2.95 per month, or you can signup for the year for just £30.

Consider how much it would mean to you to get your dream, and for just £2.95 per month you can get guaranteed alerts for when your police force is recruiting.

Is it worth £30 for a year to ensure you get hold of an application to take you one step closer to becoming a police officer?

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