The Safe Concentration and Attention Tests (SCAAT) assesses an individual’s capacity to maintain concentration on routine tasks. It is ideally suited to assess for roles where sustained concentration and attention are key job requirements. It looks specifically at an individual’s:

  • Ability to concentrate on a monotonous task;
  • Ability to concentrate on two things at once; and,
  • Ability to switch focus of attention accurately and quickly (attentional switching).


The SCAAT is one of the hardest parts of the assessment process. It is the one test that most people fail and this is mainly due to a lack of preparation. Many candidates turn up to take the test without any prior knowledge of how the test works and what is expected of them.

The test is designed to assess your ability to concentrate whilst performing tasks at high speed. The test will be carried out either with a pen and paper, or a computer and a computer screen. Whichever test you undertake, you will be presented with a number of screens that each contains a number of columns. Each of the columns contains shapes and patterns. Your task is to work quickly and accurately through each column, from left to right, identifying whichever shape or pattern they ask you to fine. Here is an example of what the screen or test sheet may look like:

At the beginning of the test you will be asked to identify a specific shape and it will be your task to work through each column as quickly as you can marking off each shape that you find that is identical to the one they want you to locate. The test requires solid concentration. Take a look at the following row of shapes:


Let’s assume that the shape you have been asked to identify is: V. You would then work across each column from left to right ticking off each V that you locate. In this case you would mark off shapes 4, 5 and 12. If you are required to undertake the computer based version of the test then you will be required to use the keys on the keyboard as follows:


It is crucial that you aim for accuracy as well as speed. You will lose marks for incorrect answers; therefore, you will need to work hard on improving your concentration levels. You will find that during the first couple of sheets your concentration levels will be good; however, after a few minutes it will become harder to concentrate. Many people talk about seeing a ‘mass of shapes’ after the third sheet and they find it hard to concentrate as a result.

How2Become Ltd is not acting in conjunction with, or associated with, any third party organisation or OPC Assessment Ltd.

How2Become Ltd is not acting in conjunction with, or associated with, any third party organisation or OPC Assessment Ltd.