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Pass GCSE Spanish the Easy Way...

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GCSE: Spanish is Easy: Ace your GCSE Spanish Course with this Modern 2018 Curriculum Guide

Pass GCSE Spanish the easy way with this unique revision guide.

  • Complete, FUN Guidance for your Spanish GCSEs – Packed full of exercises and quizzes!
  • The lesser known Methods of GCSE Spanish Revision that you MUST know to pass.
  • Covers the entire new 2018 curriclum - the only GCSE Spanish revision guide you'll need!

GCSE: Spanish Is Easy: Ace your GCSE Spanish Course with this Modern 2018 Curriculum Guide


GCSE Spanish is Easy is the ONLY guide you need to give yourself the best chance of achieving the TOP grades at GCSE Spanish.

Tailored to the new national curriculum, this guide contains all the up-to-date vocab, sample questions, and vital tips needed to pass your exams, no matter which major exam board is setting the questions! Ace your GCSE Spanish revision!

Get yourself the best grades possible!

What’s needed to Pass GCSE Spanish?

GCSE Spanish will test how well you can use the language in a variety of contexts, across many different themes and mediums. You will need to prove you can understand and reproduce the spoken and written form of the language in an accurate way!

Those who achieve the top grades have a wide vocabulary and make few mistakes with grammar.

The syllabus is made up of set modules, which are as follows:

Describing yourself and your daily life Fashion Transport
Family and Relationships Travel and Tourism The environment
Healthy Living The Internet/New Technology School
Free Time Your local area Work/Future Plans

All in all, to get an A*, you need to prove you can talk about and understand a wide range of ideas with grammatical accuracy!

How you’ll be examined

Listening Exam:

You will be played extracts of dialogue in Spanish, which will be of varying speeds, lengths and difficulty, and will be both formal and informal.

Exam = 20% of your final grade

Reading Exam:

You will be presented with Spanish text in a variety of forms (e.g. emails, newspapers, brochures), which will be of increasing complexity.

Exam = 20% of your final grade

Writing Controlled Assessment:

You will carry out two writing tasks, in Spanish, on different subjects, in exam conditions at your school.

Task = 30% of your final grade

Speaking Exam

You will carry out two tasks (e.g. debate/discussion) that require you to interact with another speaker in Spanish

Task = 30% of your final grade

Sample Exam Questions from the Book!


My hobbies

Read the conversation between these British students who are discussing what they like to do in their free time. Answer the questions below by circling either TRUE, FALSE or NOT MENTIONED.

Archie: Mi tiempo libre siempre ha estado ocupado por el deporte y la música. Soy miembro de un equipo de baloncesto, y competimos a nivel nacional. Así que dedico muchas horas de la semana a entrenar, y también me paso casi todo el fin de semana entrenando. Aparte del baloncesto, la música también es muy importante para mí. Gracias a ella, puedo desconectarme del mundo y relajarme.

Thomas: Paso al menos dos horas al día en el skatepark de mi ciudad. A mí nunca me gustó el fútbol – el skate es mi pasión. Pero antes de que construyeran el skatepark el año pasado, mis compañeros y yo no teníamos ningún sitio donde hacer lo que nos gusta – teníamos que patinar en la calle. No hace falta decir que la gente del barrio estaba muy enfadada con nosotros. Pero ahora todo va bien.

Sophie: Estoy muy interesada en los videojuegos, y dedico una gran parte de mi tiempo libre a jugar con mi consola. ¿Mi género favorito? Son los juegos de tiro o los puzzles, pero me gusta probarlo todo. Con mi PlayStation me conecto a internet para encontrarme con mis amigos. Podemos charlar y jugar juntos, ¡es genial!

Max: En cuanto a mí, soy un lector asiduo. Fuera del colegio, devoro un libro por semana – normalmente, elijo una novela americana o algo de Federico García Lorca. Por otro lado, nunca veo la televisión; lo considero una pérdida de tiempo. Pero me encanta visitar museos y paso cada fin de semana en una galería de arte. Empaparme de cultura de calidad es mi vida.


Archie uses basketball to switch off and relax.



Skating is Tom's Passion



Sophie hates gaming on her PC



Max likes watching television.



On weekdays, Archie spends many hours training.



TOM started skating when the skatepark was built in his town.



Videogames play a role in Sophie's social life.



Max loves immersing himself in high culture.



Below are some opinions about the benefits and risks of social media and smartphones.

Match the opinions in Spanish to their correct translations by drawing lines, and learn the useful phrases and vocab! The first matches have been made to serve as examples.

Los beneficios:

Los riesgos:

Sample Answers

Question 1

A. False – Archie uses music to switch off and relax

B. True

C. Not mentioned

D. False – Max thinks television is a waste of time

E. True

F. False – Tom mentions the fact that he used to skate in the street before the skatepark was built

G. True

H. True

Question 2

Los beneficios:

Los riesgos:

Achieve the top grades!

GCSE Spanish is Easy is the most concise and up-to-date guide for today’s GCSE Spanish curriculum, providing unique vocab lists, realistic sample exam questions, sample speaking and writing tasks, and elements of grammar required at GCSE level - making it an essentail GCSE Spanish revision guide.



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GCSE: Spanish Is Easy: Ace your GCSE Spanish Course with this Modern 2018 Curriculum Guide

Written by the multi award-winning company consisting of lanuage and educational experts, How2become, this guide contains:

  • Great Value – a book that is worth every penny! This book provides a breakdown of each topic you need to learn to pass your GCSE Spanish, unique revision exercises, tips and memorable games to help you learn!
  • Complete, FUN Guidance for your Spanish GCSEs – Packed full of exercises and games, complete with tips and tricks to get you through your GCSE Spanish assessments!
  • Great for beginners to GCSE Spanish – Our unique method of clear, detailed and to the point revision is ideal for those new to GCSE Spanish or those wanting to brush up their Spanish to a high GCSE standard.
  • Sample writing and speaking responses – Answers to real potential writing exam questions with analysis of what you need to include in your controlled assessments
  • Practice exam questions – Reading questions presented in the styles and formats of the real exams, to give your revision a realistic edge
  • The lesser known Methods of GCSE Spanish Revision that you MUST know to pass.
  • The key reasons other candidates FAIL as they miss out our “over-and-above” keywords and phrases that they should have used in their exams.
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