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Psychometric Test Download special offer

Learn how to pass psychometric tests with this powerful 250 page instant download guide that contains hundred’s of sample test questions and answers. It is the most comprehensive and challenging psychomteric testing guide available on the market!t

psychometric test download
special offer


Psychometric tests are commonplace in career selection processes today, simply because they are fast and efficient way for an employer to filter out lots of job applicants. Therefore, it is crucial that you are able to pass the tests with high marks. This guide will allow you to hone your skills and greatly improve you psychometric testing ability in preparation for the actual test day.

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Psychometric tests come in many different styles and formats. There are numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, verbal ability tests, mechanical comperehension tests, spatial reasoning tests and concentration tests to name just a few. The psychometric tests just mentioned are the more common types you will find during a career selection process.

The employer who is administering the test will try to use a test that matches the rquirements of the role. For example, if you are applying for a job that requires you to use or handle money, then you will be assessed using numerical reasoning tests. If you are required to deal with customers verbally then you no doubt have to use verbal reasoning tests.

This 250+ page psychometric tests instant downloadable guide contains a massive 16 different setions to help you prepare for any career psychometric test:

Psychometric Download

Here are 3 important tips to help you pass your psychometric test

TIP 1 – There are lots of ways to improve your test scores!

Whilst it is important to carry out lots of sample psychometric test questions, it is also important to work on other areas too as these will help to improve your scores. We recommend that you eat healthily and drink plenty of water in the build up to the tests, as these will help to improve your scores on the day.

It has also been proven that, those people whom get a good night’s sleep before the test, will achieve higher scores.

TIP 2 – Aim for both speed and accuracy

Many people who sit psychometric tests worry that they haven’t finished the entire test once the time limit is approaching. What do they do? They guess the remaining questions! This is not recommended, especially when you are sitting tests that deduct marks for errors. It is worth asking the test administrator before the test begins whether or not you will lose marks for incorrect answers.

Some psychometris test centres will assess both your speed and your accuracy. In other words, they will deduct marks for incorrect answers. Therefore, do not just work on your speed, but also concentrate on accuracy too.

TIP 3 – Get in LOTS of practice before your test

The most effective way to prepare for psychometric tests is to get in as much practice as possible in the weeks and days leading up to the test. Try as much as possible to avoid ‘cramming’. This basically means practicing for 3-4 hours the day before your test. Instead, try and practice for 30-60 minutes every night in the week before your test.

Although you’ll be doing the same amount of practice, you will find that your concentration levels and psychometric testing ability will improve as a result.

How to pass psychometric tests spans 250 pages and consists of 16 different testing areas!


  • 9 vital tips that reveal the secrets to gaining higher scores.
  • 250 pages of psychometric tests and answers.
  • 16 different testing sections to assess and improve your ability.
  • The most comprehensive guide on the market today!



Verbal reasoning tests.

Numerical reasoning tests.

Mechanical Comprehension tests.

Spatial Reasoning Questions and tests.

English Language questions to improve your ability.

Symbol Rotation Tests.

Understanding Information Tests.

Selecting the Odd One Out Tests.

Reasoning Exercises.

Work Rate Tests.

Fault Analysis Tests.

Electrical Comprehension Tests.

Map Reading Skills Exercises.

Check Letters Test.

Memory Tests.

Distance Number Tests.


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psychometric test download
special offer