What are the AOSB tests?

During the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) you will be required to undergo a number of tests designed to assess your potential to become an officer in the British Army. To help you prepare for the AOSB we have created an online testing suite that contains lots of sample test questions designed to improve your scores at the Main AOSB Board.

how to prepare for the army officer tests

The online practice course offers exclusive training to improve the skills of applicants wanting to become an Army Officer. This comprehensive online course is the only training available through How2Become and includes 100s of realistic practice questions designed to increase your chances of passing the Army Officer selection process, including the AOSB.

Army Officer qualities

Here are just some of the qualities required of an Army Officer (you will be assessed on these):

Determined, resolute, persistent, unwavering, steady, able to overcome most difficulties, strong-willed.

Imaginative, has considerable initiative, ingenious, constructive, perceptive, original, mentally agile, inventive, visionary, intelligent, mature, well-uniformed, balanced.

Forceful, compelling, persuasive, powerful, vigorous, assertive, consistent, effective, resourceful, magnetic, inspiring, easy-going, considerate, considerable impact.

Bold, daring, courageous, enterprising, enthusiastic, spirit of adventure, untiring, energetic, active, diligent, industrious, persevering, alert, agile, assiduous, physically active, organising ability, sense of urgency.

Tolerant, flexible, co-operative, diplomatic, tactful, resilient, adaptable, willing to accept responsibility.

Sensible, respective, shrewd, well-balanced, decisive, discerning, fair, unbiased, loyal, steadfast.


During the Army Officer tests you will be assessed against a number of key qualities. We cannot stress enough how important it is to demonstrate these qualities during the different elements of the Army Officer Selection Board and during the tests.

It’s about keeping calm, whatever the circumstances, thinking clearly and acting decisively. You’ll need Moral Courage, Compassion, Judgement, Creativity, Determination, Responsibility, Diplomacy and Leadership skills.

You’ll use and develop these qualities at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where you’ll undertake the best command and leadership training programme in the world.


British army planning their route



The only real way to prepare fully for these tests is to carry out practice questions, and plenty of them. The exercises take approximately 70 minutes in all to complete and will be carried out on a computer. You should start off by working on your Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning skills.


It is very important that your essay is relevant, concise, neat and follows a logical sequence. Follow this format to improve your essay writing skills:

Define: Identify and state the key factors relating to the essay subject.

Evaluate: Assess the value or significance of the subject and provide a viewpoint which you are capable of backing up with fact.

Explain: Make a topic as clear and understandable as possible by offering reasons, examples, and so on.

Summarise and conclude: State the major points concisely and comprehensively.

We also advise that you consider writing the essay with a beginning, middle and end. This will ensure that your essay is logical and concise. Limit the number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors you make. If you are unsure how to spell a word then do not use it.


Each candidate gives an informal five-minute talk to the group on a specified subject. There will be five topics (taken from your CV) to choose from and you will be given time to prepare. At the end of each lecture the speaker answers questions from the group. During your preparation for the Army Officer AOSB tests you should study your CV and be able to give a lecture on all of the relevant topics listed. For example, if your CV contains details of where you have travelled around the world, you should be able to deliver a lecture/presentation on your experiences.

Whilst the lecture is informal it is important to communicate effectively as you are being assessed.

When delivering your lecture consider the following points:

  • Be confident but not arrogant.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Speak concisely.
  • Think about your bearing and appearance.
  • Practise speaking in front of friends and family.

This theoretical written exercise tests your ability to use people, equipment and time effectively. You are given an hour to study the narrative and write up your solution. Then, each group discusses the problem with the aim of reaching an agreed plan. Importance is attached to individual contributions and your reaction to the ideas of others. Finally you will be asked questions about aspects of the exercise to test whether you can think on your feet.

During the Planning Exercise consider the following points:

  • Make sure you take part and contribute. This is very important! If you sit on the fence you will fail the AOSB.
  • Listen carefully to other people’s contributions and demonstrate effective listening/communication skills.
  • Involve others in the Planning Exercise.
  • Offer a solution(s) to the problems you are faced. Remember that you are being assessed against your potential leadership skills.

This will last for approximately 40 minutes depending on how the exercise develops and how people contribute. Try to consider the following points during the Group Discussion:

  • Have a good knowledge of current affairs.
  • Read a good quality newspaper in the weeks leading up to the AOSB.
  • Have a view and opinion on each subject.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Involve others.
  • Use non-verbal communication skills during the exercise.
  • Do not argue or shout people down.
  • Do not dismiss people’s opinions.


The most effective way to prepare for these tests is to try out lots of sample test questions at your own convenience.

Written and created by the UK’s leading recruitment experts; this comprehensive online testing suite includes:

  • 100s of realistic practice questions designed to help you prepare full for the AOSB tests;
  • A wide variety of question types and difficulties to mimic the real test;
  • Updates – new and updated questions added to keep this as the leading online AOSB testing resource.


Abstract Reasoning Test 01

Abstract Reasoning Test 02

Abstract Reasoning Test 03

Abstract Reasoning Test 04

Abstract Reasoning Test 05

Abstract Reasoning Test 06

Abstract Reasoning Test 07

Mechanical Comprehension Test 01

Mechanical Comprehension Test 02

Numerical Reasoning Test 01

Numerical Reasoning Test 02

Numerical Reasoning Test 03

Numerical Reasoning Test 04

Numerical Reasoning Test 05

Numerical Reasoning Test 06

Numerical Reasoning Test 07

Numerical Reasoning Test 08

Numerical Reasoning Test 09

Numerical Reasoning Test 10

Numerical Reasoning Test 11

Numerical Reasoning Test 12

Numerical Reasoning Test 13

Numerical Reasoning Test 14

Numerical Reasoning Test 15

Verbal Reasoning Test 01

Verbal Reasoning Test 02

Verbal Reasoning Test 03

Verbal Reasoning Test 04

Verbal Reasoning Test 05

Verbal Reasoning Test 06

Verbal Reasoning Test 07

Verbal Reasoning Test 08

Verbal Reasoning Test 09

Verbal Reasoning Test 10

Verbal Reasoning Test 12

Verbal Reasoning Test 13

Verbal Reasoning Test 14

Verbal Reasoning Test 15

Verbal Reasoning Test 16

Verbal Reasoning Test 17

Verbal Reasoning Test 18

Verbal Reasoning Test 19

Verbal Reasoning Test 20

Verbal Reasoning Test 21

Verbal Reasoning Test 22

Verbal Reasoning Test 23

Verbal Reasoning Test 24

Verbal Reasoning Test 25

Work Rate Test




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