How2Become believes the key to a successful partnership is to build a strong relationship with all its authors. As an independent non-fiction publisher and leader in many career and educational markets, we are always looking to work with authors to bring ideas to life and publish new and exciting non-fiction books.

If you would like to know how to publish your own non-fiction book with How2Become, please get in contact with us today using the below form and the following instructions.

How2Become prides itself in being a UK non-fiction publisher accepting submissions for a wide variety of books with the aim of building relationships with its authors and helping your book succeed.

Step 1. Submitting your non-fiction book idea

Whatever your book idea we would love to hear from you. We specialise in publishing career guidance, assessment and exam books and also educational books. If your idea falls into these categories, then please use the contact form below to submit your idea.

When submitting your proposal, it is important that you meet our requirements for publishing a book. Your best chance is to provide us with as much information about your idea as possible and ideally a little bit about your self and why you are looking to publish your book. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to make the right decision with helping you to publish your book.

To submit your book idea, please use the below form to contact us:

    Step 2. Evaluating your non-fiction book publishing idea

    As before, How2Become will require as much information as possible in order to assist us and research into the target market of your book. We will work with you and strong communication between you and us is essential. Ensuring we fully understand your idea and the market it’s aimed at will only benefit the book’s chance of success.

    When evaluating titles, we look at the following four areas:

    1. Is the book relatable to the How2Become brand?
    2. Is there a viable market for the book?
    3. Will the content of the book be valuable to the reader?
    4. Can How2Become help this book succeed?

    Step 3. Decision to Publish

    After discussing your title with you and evaluating the idea, How2Become will make a decision on whether or not it is best placed to help publish your book.

    Ultimately, we will only make a decision to publish your non-fiction book is we feel we can help it succeed. If we reject your idea, we will always write to inform why and were possible make suggestions to help you and the direction of your book.


    How to get my non-fiction book published?

    In order for us to publish your book, please read through the steps on this page very carefully. When constructing your book idea/proposal to us, please include a synopsis of the book (and if possible a table of contents), your vision, an analysis of the audience, market and competition as you see it.

    What if I have already written my book? 

    No problem, we would love to hear from you! Many of the authors have their book already written but don’t know where to go next. Please contact us and we’d be happy to take a look at your title, provide recommendations and hopefully publish your book!

    What types of books does How2Become publish? 

    How2Become is a leader in career guides. We specialise in career entry guides, such as How to Become a Teacher or How to Pass the Navy Entry Tests. We also have a

    In particular, we are interested in authors who want to publish books in the following categories:

    • Career Entry Guides (How to Become a ____)
    • Career Promotional Guides
    • Career Walkthroughs (e.g. How to be a doctor)
    • Revision Guides for Education
    • School Workbooks
    • Testing books (career or education)
    • Exam Papers
    • Training Guides
    • Books aimed at teachers, students, graduates and career professionals.

    Why should I publish my book through How2Become?

    How2Become offers a more flexible approach to publishing books than most traditional publishers. We want to help you get your non-fiction book published at a pace and under conditions that suit you and your circumstances. Additionally, How2Become has published over 300 titles, won numerous national awards for being a leader in digital marketing and many of our authors go on to become best sellers.

    What if I haven’t written my book yet? 

    Most authors who come to us haven’t started their book yet and work with us to turn their idea into a published title. Follow the steps on this page and contact us today so we can help you become a published non-fiction author.

    My writing ability is not the best, can I still be an author and publish my book? 

    Yes! Depending on what your book idea is, we are happy to help guide you, provide feedback to your book and we will also proofread your book before publication. It’s in both parties interest for the book to be the best it can be and we believe in working hard with you to achieve this! As long as your book has genuine good content that is helpful to the reader, we are happy to hear your book idea and see if we can help you become a published non-fiction author.

    I need help writing a nonfiction book proposal, where do I start? 

    You’ve come to the right place. When writing a non-fiction book proposal, it’s important your passion comes across for why you want or think you are best placed to write your book. If it helps, break down your proposal into three sections:

    1. Your non-fiction book idea/synopsis
    2. The market your book is aimed at
    3. Why you want to write and have your book published

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime using the form on this page or via email at: [email protected]

    We look forward to hearing from you!