Earn substantial income referring new customers to How2Become’s network of popular career guides.You Can Earn…

45% from every referred sale (please note, whilst the vast majority of our products are set to 45% comission, not every product is at 45% comission, for example products that are on sale may have a reduced royalty rate to keep the product profitable). 

5% on every sale made by partners that you have referred to the network

To join the How2Become affiliate scheme program please email [email protected]. Please provide the URL of the website to be used as part of the promotion. Each website is subject to an approval process to ensure it meets our requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 


An affiliate program is where a partner website refers users to the ‘host’ website with all such referrals being tracked by the host site. Should any of these users purchase goods or services from the ‘host’ website, then commission at an agreed rate is paid to the referring website. Affiliate programs allow partner websites to earn revenue that is ‘risk free’ and does not entail financial outlay.


Traditionally, affiliate programs pay an agreed commission rate to directly referring websites. More sophisticated programs allow for the partner website to encourage other webmasters to join the program. These ‘tier-two’ websites are then identified as having been referred by the partner website and all commissions earned by the ‘tier-two’ website generate additional revenue for the partner (tier-one) website.

To join the How2Become affiliate scheme program please email [email protected]. Please provide the URL of the website to be used as part of the promotion. Each website is subject to an approval process to ensure it meets our requirements.

We now offer a two-tiered affiliate program with a 50% revenue share.

Generous two-tier recurring commission structure

45% on Tier 1 (Customers you refer)

5% on Tier 2 (Customers referred to us by your Tier 2).

Each and every time a customer referred by you (or your Tier 2) purchases a product you will generate a commission at the same rate as above.

Gross commissions exclude VAT.

Commissions are paid to affiliates net of VAT unless VAT registration is supplied.

All commissions earned are paid in GBP.

For example, assuming in any one month referrals from you result in 150 paying transactions on your Tier 1.

Number of Referrals: 150

Cost to Customer: £9.99

45% Gross Commision: £674.33

Net Commission Earned (less tax): £573.90

Taking this example one step further, assuming you have 4 webmasters in your Tier 2 who also promote the site, and generate 150 paying customers each.

You would generate a tier 3 commission as below:

5% of 674.33 = 33.72

x 4 Tier 1 webmasters (Gross Tier 2 Commission) = 134.86

Minus Tax = 20.08

Total Net Commission earned on Tier 2 = 114.78

As you can see from the above example, by promoting the site to new customers, and building a team of other webmasters in your Tier 2, there is a tremendous potential to earn a fantastic residual income with the site.


This site enjoys an excellent conversion rate between visitors and paying customers. Due to the nature of the product, we provide the customer with the exact information they need to succeed in their quest for a new profession.


Since the How2Become career information website inception in April 20005 the business has rapidly developed and expanded its portfolio of professional career guides. The guides are loaded with insider tips and advice on how to successfully pass an application process. Concise, professional and easy to navigate, the guides provide an essential tool to ensure the best possible chance of a successful application. Customer satisfaction is a high priority and feed back encouraged; how2become regularly receive commendations from customers who, through How2Become’s guides, have successfully achieved their ultimate career goals. Most recently how2become achieved success at the HSBC Business Awards by securing a place as a top 10 National Finalists.


The affiliate program operates on a low twenty GBP payout threshold. This means you don’t have to wait weeks, (or sometimes months.) to attain a sufficient payment level. Payments will be made one month in arrears, and will be paid promptly on the last working day of the month (for example, money earned in April would be paid on the last working day in May). Payments will be made in the form of cheque or direct into your PayPal account.


Simply add text, banners, buttons etc using your unique affiliate URL, and start earning today. As an affiliate you will have access to our affiliate members area. Here you will find examples of banners, buttons, graphics, text links etc that you can use to help you generate an income through our affiliate program. Our affiliate customer’s area will also provide you with detailed daily statistics, which you can use to fine-tune your affiliate marketing program.

If there is something not in our members area that you would like access to, just contact us at:

[email protected]

Please ensure that prior to joining our affiliate program you have read and understood our full terms and conditions.

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